You And The Magazine

How can I get my music featured in the magazine?
We feature a broad mixture of music from mainstream rock to pop and hip-hop to dance. We prefer to receive press releases and have hi-res images to hand. We don’t feature up-coming unsigned bands/artists unless you’re making massive waves across social media! Email us here if you’re press!

I’m a model and/or I’m just curious about modelling. How do I get featured?
Take a look at all the information right here.

What kind of men do you photograph for VanityHype?
All kinds – in fact there are no boundaries (a part from too muscular – we’ll leave that to the body building magazines). You can be tattooed or not, have muscles – or not! You don’t even need to be a model. So long as you’re confident, photograph well and want to get yourself featured in the magazine, we’d be happy to hear from you! Sometimes your photo set will include an interview too. Go here for the full information. Please note, we can’t accept everyone. If you haven’t heard from us within 2 weeks, it means you’ve been unsuccessful but please do not take it personally, you’re just not what we’re looking for right now.

Are you a fitness magazine?
Not at all! Our cover guys may look really fit and healthy, but we don’t include fitness in the mag (we used to have a health & fitness section, but even so, our cover guys are male pin-ups and have never been connected with the health & fitness section). We have a section called Pin-Up which includes a photo set and interview, and at the end of the year we do a reader vote on the sexiest VanityHype Pin-Up. The photo sets have a sex appeal about them!

Do you reject models?
We don’t ‘reject’ models, but we can’t use everyone that emails in! Don’t feel disheartened if you don’t get accepted to feature in an issue, it isn’t anything personal. Plus, you can always try again in the future! Everybody is different, and not everybody suits what we are looking for at the time. If it’s a particular set we haven’t accepted, try another.

Does this mean I get on the cover?
It doesn’t no, because we usually plan covers in advance. This doesn’t mean you’re any less special than the cover model! Oh, and please don’t ask to be on the cover. That question must come up a thousand times!

I haven’t heard back from you. Am I not good enough?
There are a number of reasons. We get a lot of emails asking to be featured (and we mean a lot) and because we’re busy, we can’t get back to everybody straight away, though we put in place the 2 week rule. If you haven’t heard from us by then, you have been unsuccessful. Also, as a smaller publication, a lot of people think they can just be featured but that isn’t the case at all – we have to choose carefully seeing as we only have a certain amount of pages per issue.

I want to get involved and write / photograph for you. How do I do this?
For any writing work, please take a look at the jobs page which is updated when we need article writers and/or interviewers. We are always looking for photographers to get involved. If you want to submit a high quality set, then please read the submissions page for more information here. If you want to be added to our photographer database for future work, or want to work on an editorial piece with us in mind and want to chat about it, then please contact us here with a link to your website. We are looking for work of a high standard that would suit our publication.

Do we get paid?
Nope – nobody at all gets paid at VanityHype! Want to know why? Read the about section.

When I submit some work to VanityHype or I get featured, can I get a free copy?
I’m afraid right now this isn’t possible but we will send you hi-res tear sheets and a digital copy by email. For more information please read the about section.

How can I get my company / brand / myself featured?
Email us here with the relevent information such as who you are, what you do, a bio, images and any links. If we think you’re suited to VanityHype, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can (unless it’s a weekend). Please note that we get a lot of emails from people wanting to be featured. We try our hardest to get back to everyone, however, not everyone can be featured. For more information, go here. If you haven’t heard back from us within 2 weeks, you have been unsuccessful.

Do you use female models?
Yes we do feature female models inside the magazine but generally in the tattooed or fashion sections. We may also feature models with a Q&A if you have a big following (please prove this!). Because we get so many requests, make yourself stand out! For further information and to get in touch, please read this page for all the info you need! If you haven’t heard from us in 2 weeks, you have been unsuccessful.

How do I get featured in the Inked section?
No matter where you are from, we can feature you. Send us an email along with an image to show us your tattoos (or a high res image or whole set already photographed ready to be used along with credits and the photographer’s permission). You must have lots and lots of tattoos. This also includes an interview which we will send via email after your images are approved.

If you’re wanting to submit work, be featured or work alongside us, please read the relevant submission page before emailing us! And please have a look at VanityHype magazine before asking us questions about the magazine (and we figure out you’re just trying to get published anywhere, boooo!) That includes the dreadful question after being published, ‘Where can I buy the magazine?’ *Pulls hair out*