We’re a UK-based non-profit independent unisex publication featuring fashion, lifestyle, music and hot men which is available as a professionally printed full colour copy or a digital format as either a PDF or  iPad version. We release an issue on the 5th of every month.

VanityHype magazine is about including a wide variety of music, fashion and articles to stamp out stereotypes and putting things (and people) into boxes. We cater for all genders, sexualities and walks of life! Let’s not forget our sexy male pin-ups too which we have featured since issue 1!

We are all about diversity in today’s young adult culture and we celebrate this by including all types of people within our pages. We strive to create something new and exciting for today’s generation.

In short, it’s a publication by 20-somethings who have a passion for all things VanityHype magazine and try to make it a fabulous read for our current generation (and hopefully all the next generations too!) We have a very diverse readership from around the world, and hope to continue bringing you a quality magazine in the future.

We may be called VanityHype, but here is what we WON’T include:

  • We will never tell you that you should be better than what you already are.
  • We won’t ever promote plastic surgery (unless it’s for a medical reason).
  • We won’t insult somebody because of their weight or how they look. We are all different, and nobody likes a bully!
  • We won’t promote products that are tested on animals.
  • We don’t like gossip, rumours or celebrity juicing!

But we do like:

  • We will always include a diverse range of people, fashion and articles.
  • We love showcasing talent, and believe everybody should have an ambition!
  • We will always strive to be exciting and fresh.
  • We will always promote self- happiness. You were born that way baby, and there certainly isn’t anything wrong with it!
  • Equality! Nothing gets on our nerves more than a sexist c&#@!!
  • We will always include silly amounts of different music genres. Yes, we have featured JLS alongside the Deftones.