Breaking the boundaries of the conventional unisex magazine, VanityHype is the UK’s hottest independent publication featuring music, fashion, tattoos and hot men. We have a fresh approach to our content, inspiring 20-somethings to be ambitious, love life and to be themselves.

Our ‘handbag sized’ monthly print/digital magazine features established music artists and personalities, opinions, male pin-ups, fashion editorials, tattoos and plenty more. We believe that perfection does not exist, and we strive to promote how unique we all are, and why it’s okay to embrace what makes us different.

Our icing on the cake and unique appeal are the male models we feature who are better known as ‘VanityHype Pin-Ups’. These have most certainly changed throughout the years, and we are now trying to create body positivity awareness – whether that is through the model’s pictures, the write-up interview or what his profession is.

  • Our publication is read by a global audience but the UK and USA is where our main readerships are based.
  • 18-30 is the average age
  • Male 52% | female 48%
  • Interests include tattoos, festivals, gigs, fashion, holidays with friends, LGBT, music, fitness, shopping, pop culture
  • Many of our readers are self-employed with creative jobs, at university/studying, work for big brands, travelling

If you would like to see a copy for yourself we can send over the latest digital edition for you to view via WeTransfer, but do let us know if you need it to be sent another way.

The magazine is available to buy in full colour glossy print/PDF via the Magcloud online store (or their iOS app) and on the Apple Newsstand (search VanityHype) – all to a worldwide audience.

We would love to be able to stock print editions into selected independent shops throughout the UK, including cafes, book stores, fashion retail, etc. so we can be picked up easier and on-the-go, as well as keeping the option to buy it online – especially if you live outside of the UK.

We are all about diversity and we celebrate this by including all types of people within our pages. We strive to create something fresh and VanityHype advertise with us 2014exciting for today’s generation of 20-somethings from around the world. Examples below:

  • We did a feature on the Some Footballers Are Gay, Get Over It! Stonewall campaign, and in 2015 we caught up with Chelsea Ladies FC footballer Gilly Flaherty ahead of the Wembley FA Cup Final
  • Issue 46 cover (Feb/March ’16) featured transgender advocate, actor, producer and writer, Jake Graf
  • Professor Green spoke to us about mental health and the importance of discussing depression
  • We wrote an article on the possibility that children’s toys create sexism at an early age

How do I advertise in VanityHype?
Send us an email noting your business and who you are, and we will send you an up-to-date PDF media pack with the full information and rate card. Prices start from £15. It includes double-page, full-page, half-page, quarter-page and classified. We can come to an agreement on price if you decide to publish an advert in more than one issue.

What issue will it be in?
The next available issue to be released. Deadline every month is the 15th.

Want to advertise on the Website?
We are now accepting! £15 for one month.