Do you only sell copies online?
As of now, we only sell via our online store here. Sometimes we release free print mini mags across the UK.

How long is shipping?
It depends. In the USA it can take a couple or so days depending on which State you live in. In the UK it can take up to two weeks to arrive (though we have found out it is just over a week). It’s printed on demand in either the USA or Europe, so shipping times vary depending on what country you live in. You can pay for faster shipping, too.

Where do you ship?

My issue hasn’t arrived and it has been more than two weeks. What do I do?
If you live quite far out, it could take longer to arrive. If this isn’t the case, email here your order number and relevent information. We don’t handle distribution therefore we can’t find out directly what has happened.

What can I pay with?
Currently PayPal, debit and credit card.

I have an iOS/Android device….
All that information is here!