VanityHype magazine
is all about going against the norm and breaking those conventional boundaries. We always welcome enthusiastic individuals/teams to submit work or potential ideas.

Before getting in touch, please read the guidelines below, and even more importantly, check out an issue (print, online or iOS)! We are looking for people who want to be a part of VanityHype, not just to be published!

All work at VanityHype is unpaid. Please read our FAQ for more information.


Pre-done photo sets & new sets

We welcome unpublished, pre-done photo sets (so long as you have the model’s permission), as well as collaboration ideas. Obviously we cannot possibly accept every submission, so please keep that in mind, especially if you haven’t heard from us within 2 weeks.

It’s important that you read the information on what we look for with models before emailing us! You can find it here.

  • Your work must be of high quality, whether you’re showing us a photo set preview or your portfolio
  • If you have a model in mind you’d love to photograph and feature, please make sure they suit our publication – looking at recent editions will be useful!
  • Please do not send us submissions just because you want to be published – we pick and choose what we put in each issue carefully
  • We do not accept images that have been published in another magazine/website/blog/social media
  • Please do not send us a select few images from a set, and then send the rest of the set to another magazine
  • Please do not email us photos specifically for the cover. We sort this out in advance and they are never pre-done sets. We collaborate with a team for this
  • Submitting your work/ideas to us does not guarantee they will be published in VanityHype
  • If we accept your editorial or work with you on an idea, you grant VanityHype the right to publish the images. Your credits will always be included!
  • We cannot give out free copies. Instead, you’ll get a free digital issue and hi-res tear sheets
  • We love to keep in touch with talented photographers, especially when we’re in need of one to photograph a model



  • For the Inked section, we allow sets that have been published elsewhere. This is because we only use 2-3 images. New sets are a bonus!
  • Please don’t just email us your portfolio and that’s that. Yes, link us to your work, but state what you’re interested in doing, for example, are you hoping to photograph a fashion or pin-up set? Where are you based? Etc.
  • If you’re going to photograph for us after a discussion on the model, looks, etc, please don’t withhold images. We’d like to see the full contact sheet, unedited to choose from. Also, we’d prefer you not to use the shoot for anything else, especially if it’s another publication/website. Portfolio use is fine
  • Please keep all images under wraps until the issue is released! Even then, use our social media info: #vanityhype, #vanityhypeuk, Twitter: vanityhypeuk, Instagram: vanityhype Facebook: /vanityhypemagazine (obviously you don’t need to use them all!)


Technical bits and information

  • Your work must be of high quality and professional. Anything below this will not be published
  • Our page size is W- 8.5″ by L- 11″. Final images MUST be big enough and at 300dpi. (240dpi is the least we can use, but the page size must be made bigger). We cannot accept anything at a smaller resolution. If you’re unsure how to change the resolution, leave the image at its original size and we will change it. Double the page size if it’s to fit over two pages
  • Please send all credits in a separate document/email
  • Use a website such as WeTransfer or Dropbox, a private link on your website, or another large file server.
  • When emailing us, please state clearly what you are submitting and for which area of the magazine (e.g. Male Pin-Up, Your Ink, Fashion, etc)