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Before getting in touch, please read the guidelines below, and even more importantly, check out an issue (print, online or iOS)! We are looking for people who want to be a part of VanityHype, not just to be published!

All work at VanityHype is unpaid. Please read our FAQ for more information.


Music, Brands & Fashion Labels

We love finding out about music, cool brands and fantastic fashion labels.

  • Send us a press release and hi-res images, etc – just a link won’t do! We want to know about you without having to Google!
  • We can’t feature everyone, even though we’d like to! We get more music/fashion press every day than you can believe. It can be extremely difficult to keep on track
  • Most live/music reviews are for large events and bigger shows/music. These can feature in the magazine and online. Just to give you an idea, here are some of the live music/events we have reviewed; Lady Gaga, Years & Years, Katy Perry, Prowler Awards, etc.
  • We love hi-res product shots! If you’re looking to be featured, professional product shots (preferably with a white background) are great. Please send along with info such as price, where to buy, title, etc. We even welcome you to send us products to review
  • Unfortunately we do not feature unsigned bands, unless you have made a big wave in the music industry
  • We do love to hear from DIY and independent fashion labels though. Get in touch along with who you are, links, hi-res images and what you’re after
  • We also accept adverts too! If you’re looking to advertise and want to support an independent business, please look here for all the information.