Male & Female Models

VanityHype magazine is all about going against the norm and breaking those conventional boundaries. We normally scout out people ourselves for features, but we always welcome enthusiastic individuals/teams to submit work or potential ideas.

Before getting in touch, please read the guidelines below, and even more importantly, check out an issue (print, online or iOS)! We are looking for people who want to be a part of VanityHype, not just to be published!

All work at VanityHype is unpaid. Please read our FAQ for more information.



Want to model for us?

We look for a variety of people when it comes to the pin-up pages, talking about your tattoos or fashion! If you’d like us to check you out, firstly read the bullet points below, and then email us linking to a few images of yourself. They do not need to be professional! If you don’t hear back from us after 2 weeks, you haven’t been successful. Do not take it personally, you’re just not what we’re looking for right now!

  • You must be over 18! This doesn’t mean you’ll be doing half-naked photos, but we do prefer all models to be 18 or over when featured
  • Tattoos are a bonus, but not a requirement
  • Into fitness? We prefer naturally fit models only (no steroids!). Also, we are NOT a fitness magazine, so you won’t be talking about your workout
  • Body shape/size doesn’t matter. Confidence is key!
  • We show a lot of skin in the magazine, please be aware of this – though it isn’t a requirement
  • Modelling experience is great, but not essential. Newbies welcome!
  • Please do not ask to be on the cover. We sort this out in advance!
  • We cannot give out free copies. Instead, you’ll get a free digital issue and hi-res tear sheets
  • We have photographers available around the UK, especially London/Essex and Manchester. Please take note of this as you may need to travel


Have a photo set ready?

If you have an unpublished photo set ready to go and think it’ll suit VanityHype, we’d love to take a look! Firstly, read the bullet points below and then if it’s all good, email us with a link to the images so we can take a look. We try to get back to all photo sets to give you our feedback – whether they’ll be in the magazine or not! If we don’t, it’s because we receive so many!

  • You must be over 18
  • The images must not be published in any other magazine (print or digital) or website
  • Also, they must not be sent to other magazines after we’ve published them
  • It must be a full set, and not a select few that have been picked out for us to potentially publish, with the rest being sent to another magazine
  • The images must not already be plastered over social media/blogs
  • We do, however, accept already published/shared images for the Inked feature. A new set is a bonus, but we normally only feature up to 3 photos
  • You must have the photographer’s permission (he/she should email us) with full credits available
  • Please do not ask to be on the cover. We sort this out in advance and they are never pre-done sets. We collaborate with a team for this
  • We cannot give out free copies. Instead, you’ll get a free digital issue and hi-res tear sheets


Not based in the UK?

We feature plenty of people from across the pond, whether it’s America, Australia, Germany or France – just to name a few! We love the fact that people from across the globe want to be in the magazine, and that a lot of you read it too, however, it can be difficult to set up photo shoots. This means, we can’t always organise one for you, as we don’t have a photographer in your area. Please keep this in mind when applying… Scouting out a photographer would be helpful, but do remember that we work voluntary, so if they need paying, we can’t do that!