Be A Pin-Up

Want to get yourself featured on this website as a VanityHype Pin-Up? Copy and paste the questions into the box below and answer them.

Because we’re no longer in print, we’re not in need of exclusive editorials. This means already published images and clear Instagram photos are acceptable to feature alongside your Q&A. Due to the mass volume of people emailing, we may or may not respond – that is when we’ll sort out photos to be included.

(Everything to be published – please leave out what you do not want to answer)

Tell us about yourself?
What do you get up to in your spare time?
Got ink? Tell us about those tats:
What are the best things about where you live?
Current crush?
Speaking of crush, are you single or happily taken?
First thing you notice about a person you like?
Last movie you watched and what did you think of it?
Where do you want to visit the most?
Tell us something random about yourself?
Favourite season and why:
Best thing that’s happened this summer?
What would be your last meal if you had to choose?
What’s that one item of clothing you wear too much?
If you were to hang out with us, what’d you plan?
Is there anything that really annoys you, and if so, what?
Your current TV obsession is…?
Where would you like to be in life in five years time?

Image of Ryan by Thomas-James Fisher for VanityHype magazine