What is VanityHype Magazine?
Breaking the boundaries of the conventional unisex magazine, VanityHype is the UK’s hottest independent publication featuring music, fashion, tattoos and hot men. We have a fresh approach to our content, inspiring 20-somethings to be ambitious, love life and to be themselves.
Our bi-monthly magazine features established music artists and personalities, opinions, male pin-ups, fashion editorials, tattoos and lots more in a digital format (iOS and online) and as a glossy, print magazine.
Perfection does not exist! We strive to promote how unique we all are, and why it’s okay to love who you are!
We mainly feature men on our covers, though we have been known to have women too, for example, Ellie Goulding! From the very beginning of the magazine we have featured men who have become known as VanityHype Pin-Ups, and that in itself is one of the most popular aspects of the magazine.

Where can I buy a copy?
Currently you can only buy a print copy via our online store, and you can also buy a digital version this way. Please note, print magazines are shipped worldwide! VanityHype is also available as a free app on any iOS device. Check out digital and print options in more detail by clicking on the one you’re most interested in.

Why do you say you don’t make profit as individuals?
When we first started the magazine back in late 2008 (when it was more of an idea than a reality), we never set out to make profit for ourselves as individuals. Each issue is created by hard-working people who don’t make a dime, with more hours than ever going into it by our Editor. This is because we are a print-on-demand publication and we sell through MagCloud. If we were to add a crazy mark-up it’d be far too expensive for our readers. Right now we can’t afford the hefty prices involved in going to a printer locally, so we are happy with the way it is and it means we can bring you an issue every 2 months without the horrible feeling of ‘Are we going to be able to afford to bring an issue out next month?’ over our heads. The print magazine industry is changing, and we must evolve with it.
Our app also doesn’t have any costs to use, seeing as the provider takes our profit in return for hosting it free – unlimited. This is the only way we can currently bring our magazine to the mass-market of the online world!
Our other ways of bringing the magazine out to a worldwide audience is via Issuu, and again, it’s free!

Does this mean I can’t get a free copy, even though I am in it or I have contributed to an issue?
This just isn’t something we can do right now. When we buy a copy to proof the final edition, it is out of our own pocket and not VanityHype’s. I know, crazy right? We have in the past had to send out free copies to various people and every time it has been out of our own money. You will get a free digital copy and hi-res tear sheets. By buying a copy yourself supports us in ways you can’t even imagine, and we’re so grateful! Oh, and we love selfies holding the magazine!

So nobody gets paid at VanityHype?
Nope – nobody at all! We all need to survive and pay our bills, but VanityHype wasn’t created for that. We wanted to make a publication that was different, sexy and something we would like to read. We have a very small team consisting of the two Co-Founders, amongst our many contributors and ‘staff’ based across the UK and beyond. Our Editor spends more hours on VanityHype than you can imagine, and just having people appreciate it means the world. Our Editor controls everything from the design, what’s in the magazine, writing briefs, questions, press, etc., to the website, social media and more…. Owning a magazine isn’t fun and games all the time and we take VanityHype very seriously. We work really long hours to achieve content to strict deadlines. I know it is a shame you don’t get a free copy, but neither do we and we do most of the work!

Is VanityHype an online magazine similar to those that pop up quick, and then disappear just as quick, that we keep seeing around?
You’ve seen them too? We are serious about what we do. VanityHype is something we live and breathe, and without your support, our hard work and the help and acknowledgement we have received – it’d be nothing! We’ve been around for a few years now, and we’re still here.

I only work for pay.
That’s fine and we understand! There isn’t any point in getting in touch though unless you’re willing to support a small, growing magazine with big ideas.

What’s actually inside each issue?
Go and take a look! There is nothing more annoying than those who email us without a clue what’s actually in VanityHype.

Who is VanityHype aimed at?
VanityHype is aimed at those who don’t like to put themselves in a box, for use of a better word. We are a UK-based lifestyle magazine that features music, interviews, opinions, fashion, hot men, tattoos and so much more. It’s a publication for the modern 20-something who wants just that little bit more in life.
We don’t follow the pack – we lead the pack. We want to do our own thing and put our own stamp on the industry. Currently, as far as we are aware, there are no other publications like us in the UK. (This fact was only echoed when we sent out a readers’ questionnaire at the end of 2013).

Isn’t being called VanityHype a little….. vain?
Back in the day we used to be called Vanity, and we sort of came up with that name because we thought it was cool and sexy (and we were a few years younger…It was the MySpace days after all!) We are far from vain ourselves! (Read here why we changed our name). However, as time has gone on we have also changed a lot of the content inside the magazine, as well as keeping a few of the original ideas (for example the pin-ups). At VanityHype we want to challenge what people see as beautiful – we want to include tattoos and interesting articles on gender.  We have stuck with the name because that is what we are known as, but it’s also stuck with us! I guess you shouldn’t really take the name seriously…!