New Music: Becky Hill – Sunrise in the East

Becky Hill has dropped the first single, Sunrise in the East, which features on her debut album that she is currently working on with the likes of MNEK and MJ Cole. It focuses on a brand new relationship and discovering a person on a much deeper level than friendship.

“I want people to see me as normal,” she says, “because the background I’ve come from has been very normal. When I used to listen to music in my bedroom, my favourite thing was when it described how I was feeling. I used to never feel alone because I had a song that knew how I felt. I want people to connect with my music like that.”

Since being on The Voice, 24-year-old Hill has found chart topping success by doing collaborations with the likes of Wilkinson, Oliver Heldens, MK and many more, but now she’s ready to embark on a brand new path and become an artist in her own right.

Her writing skills have helped to create collaborative hits such as Gecko (Overdrive) with Oliver Heldens and Afterglow with Wilkinson.

“I’ve really always written music for me instead of other people,” she says. “It’s taken about six years, but I’m ready now and want to get my experiences out there.”

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