Pin-Up: Karac Wilson

UK-based, Karac Wilson, is a 36-year-old probation officer [Instagram: @kvrvc_wilson]

Tell us about yourself? I’m currently modelling for various brands. I love tattoos and going to tattoo conventions worldwide. I’m trying to establish myself as a tattoo model.

What do you get up to in your spare time? I am either with my kids or I’m getting tattooed. I don’t get much spare time with work and family life, so I pretty much book tattoo conventions and tattoos around that, and of course photo shoots take up a big part of my time.

Tell us about those tats! I started getting into tattooing around 3 years ago and then I gradually got the bug and one led to another. Now I just want to get that bodysuit. I love most types of tattooing but I’m favouring portraits at the moment.

So you won an award for being so tattooed. Can you tell us about that? Yes, I travelled to Belgium for the Inkmania Tattoo Convention for the inked model contest. I managed to win it which was mind blowing as I never expected to. I will also be featured in Inked magazine at some point this year for winning.

What are the best things about where you live? I live in a place called Sheffield. Not much here but luckily if you’re willing to travel an hour there are some awesome tattoo artists around.

Current crush? I don’t really do crushes, but if I had to pick one it would be my homie, Rusty Rooftop. He’s such an inspiration to me and he’s killing the tattoo model game. Someone who I really look up to.

Speaking of crush, are you single or happily taken? I’m happily married with children.

First thing you notice about a person you like? For me it’s always about making that connection – looks get you so far but if you can’t connect with someone, it’s pointless. But the first thing I seem to notice is nice eyebrows.

Last movie you watched and what did you think of it? I watched Shot Caller last night – it’s a prison movie. It was pretty boring to be honest and didn’t really grab my attention.

Where do you want to visit the most? I really want to visit California, well pretty much anywhere in the USA. I’ve been asked to do a tattoo collector video for Sullen Clothing so I am hoping to fly out next year.

Tell us something random about yourself? I used to play basketball at a national level when I was 15.

Favourite season and why? For me it’s definitely autumn/fall. I’m not one for the sun. I love the smell of the air in October and November, and I like the weather cool… and I love halloween.

Best thing that’s happened this summer? This summer it has to be winning the Inkmania Inked mag tattoo model contest. It was in Hasselt in Belgium and it was such a beautiful place and I met some amazing people. It was such a good experience and I’m going back next year.

What would be your last meal if you had to choose? Rib eye steak and chips. The steak has to be rare.

What’s that one item of clothing you wear too much? My One Love apparel tees, I love them.

If you were to hang out with us, what’d you plan? It would have to involve some awesome food in a relaxed environment. Then maybe go and do something fun like laser quest or bowling, either that or a pool party with a big barbeque.

Is there anything that really annoys you, and if so, what? The tattooed model industry annoys me. Most tattooed models have a couple of tattoos. I pretty much got into it to represent true tattooed models. Another thing is most tattoo magazines are only interested in female models with a huge rack, ha ha!

Your current TV obsession is…? I’ve been lost since Sons of Anarchy finished. Nothing really compares to it. I have just watched Peaky Blinders which was pretty good too.

Where would you like to be in life in five years time? I would love to be a full-time tattoo model, or maybe even have my own clothing brand. It would also be nice to be an established tattoo model that paved the way for other guys to do the same. I’m just going to keep pushing myself and hopefully break into tattoo magazines.

Photography by Brendan Clayton & Jordan Grant

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