Listen: TWINKIDS – Boys Love

LA queer pop TWINKIDS have released their debut EP ‘Boys Love’ in full. The duo are Tokyo born Gene Fukui and Matt Young from Florida.

The EP’s name was inspired by Japanese gay romance manga, popular with female artists and readers, despite protests from a few conservative folk in Japan.

“We wanted to reclaim the term ‘Boys Love’ for ourselves, so it didn’t feel like something weird or negative anymore, which I know we’ve both experienced,” TWINKIDS says. “Instead, we wanted to cast ‘Boys Love’ as something tender and complex, beautiful with big highs and quiet lows.

“All the songs on ‘Boys Love’ were written during a really unstable time in our lives, right after we moved to Los Angeles. They’re all about the anxieties of being young, gay, in love, with no sense of self. I think you can hear that tension in the production too. Its all very high contrast in the way the songs suddenly open up just to tighten or close in later.”

Find out more here!

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