First Dates: James Devlin

[James Devlin on the left]

He stole the hearts of viewers as he dined with a fella on Channel 4’s First Dates whilst reeling off his bad dating experiences! We caught up with him to find out more!

You and your date melted hearts! Have you enjoyed hearing reactions from viewers? The reactions have been amazing on social media. I’ve received some really lovely supportive comments. Watching the date back on TV, I didn’t expect the support I’ve been given to my real life stories.

There’s been a lot about the toilet stand up, sit down debate… Too right it did! The nation went into meltdown and [it] caused a Twitter debate on whether you sat down or stood up to wipe. Who knew this would cause quite a stir, there were Twitter poles set up and the votes are in and it’s a 50/50 split!

“The nation went into meltdown and [it] caused a Twitter debate on whether you sat down or stood up to wipe!”

It was pretty funny! So what has happened with you guys since the show? Me and Martin went for a few drinks and got to know each other better in a more relaxed environment. From there we arranged a second date to which Martin came to my native City of Liverpool, which has great bars, restaurants and culture. It was a great second date but we realised early on we were just too similar. Myself and Martin have remained friends and I wish him all the luck with his new family.

You dressed ever so dapper! Is that your usual style for a date? Definitely! I always like to look my best. I believe you can never be overdressed, I believe that first impressions count, you’ve gotta look sharp to catch their heart!

Read the full interview here.
Words by AJ

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