JACK LDN: The New Way To Wear Latex

You’ve just launched this month. What can you tell us about the JACK brand? JACK is a new streetwear brand influenced by the kinky and curious. We are building a brand with influences from the fetish scene with your everyday items – lots of streetwear cuts with wearable pieces, some are latex. Latex is often used in a ‘fetish scenario’, I am trying to use it more as a fabric, but don’t get me wrong, it’s still sexy. We target both the straight and gay community and have both men and women’s wear. It’s really for people who don’t give a fuck!

The collection oozes sex appeal. What do you want your wearers to get out of your pieces? I would like to believe our garments allow the wearer to embrace the person they are. Whether that’s a secret pair of mesh undies underneath a suite at the office or unifying people to wear what the hell they want, regardless of who they are.

“…for people who don’t give a fuck!”

Where did your inspiration strike for this collection? London is the inspiration! The vibe, the clubs, the people, it’s all here. I have also visited some pretty wild clubs in NYC – we will leave it at that, ha ha.

What’s your own personal story – where did the drive to create a fashion brand stem from? I actually grew up in Vancouver, Canada. After fashion school I began making random items which were used in music videos – spiked leather jackets and that sort of thing. I later produced my first collection in 2012, this later led to some amazing opportunities; I worked in Toronto with the White Cashmere Collection, Real Housewives of Vancouver TV show and the most amazing Canadian label, Hendrixroe. JACK is now just the next step.

Read the rest and see the full editorial here.
Browse the collection here.

Phototgrapher: Matt Spike
Model: Scott Humphreys
MUA: Ayesha Bowen
Assistant: Chris McLeod
Words: AJ

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