Japanese Haul: Stuff I Bought During The Trip!

Before I visited Tokyo, I was told that extra suitcase space was essential, which basically means not taking too much stuff in the first place. Oh my, this was very true. Very, very true. Everywhere you look there is something to buy, and the majority is not available back in the UK so you cannot help but buy things – cute things.

From Family Mart snacks and a plethora of sock styles in department stores (honestly, amazing), to rummaging through the Pokemon Center and every floor of Shibuya 109, it’s easy to lose track with what you’ve bought. Before you know it, your suitcase is over the weight limit – oops!

A key thing for me was looking through the magazines in Tokyo Records (Shibuya) because unless you want to buy them imported for around a tenner in London or off eBay, you can’t get them. So it was nice to pay the regular magazine price. Wink Up is all about the J-POP scene whilst H Tokyo is centred around Japanese fashion and culture.

The Pokemon Center (the one I went to was in Yokohama) is a place you have to visit, especially if you’re a massive fan. There is everything you could possibly want (and need) in one place. I settled on this bag – what for, I’m not entirely sure yet. I was trying to buy something that was useful yet uber Pokemon.

I couldn’t go to Japan and not check out all their sweets. I spent every day eating some sort of candy/chocolate/cake/bread because it isn’t a trip to Tokyo without it! You’ll find that their sweet things aren’t that sweet, yet they still satisfy those sugar cravings. Yummy.

I like to look for cheap second-hand items, and I didn’t think I’d find anything in Japan. It was one of those things – you’re walking down a street, you’re not sure what street, and there it is: a cool second-hand store. I picked up this Cecil McBee Mickey Mouse jacket and these quirky platform Converse for under 600Yen, and they fit me. Amazing.


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