A Change Is On Its Way….

With a heavy heart, issue 55 released mid-to-late June will be our last print/digital magazine for a very long time, therefore, it’ll be the Farewell Issue. We know you’ve heard this before, but things have changed behind the scenes and our Editor will no longer have the time to produce a full magazine. You might be thinking why don’t we get a new Editor? But we’re a small publication with a very small team and instead of somebody taking over, we’ve decided to just change direction for the time being.

We all work voluntary with a passion for creating VanityHype. This means it’s not a full-time job  – but it feels like it – that doesn’t pay a wage and so other commitments mean we are having to give up producing a fully paged magazine. Instead our website will become our main source of fashion, music, lifestyle and men – hopefully with a lot more too!

We have worked with some amazing people, brands and PRs, and we want to keep doing so! In our last edition we’ll feature things from previous issues, and talk to some of those who have been involved with VanityHype over the years.

This is not the end of VanityHype, but a change in direction and how we do things. Our last issue is going to be jam-packed with awesome stuff, so keep an eye out.

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