Mickey Taylor Chats To Gabriel Phoenix

Here is the full interview from issue 52


Earlier this month we interviewed up coming model and porn star, Gabriel Phoenix. With under a year in the lime light, Gabriel is making big waves in both industries, and he is one model and sex icon we feel you need to see and more importantly, know! We managed to get Gabriel in for a photo shoot and interviewed him during the magic happening!

So Gabriel, for those who don’t know you (yet) and for those who do, they will know that you have an incredible physique. Tell me in just five words what’s the secret to your body? Oh god, I would most likely say; lemons, diet, exercise, determination and of course, sex!

Ha ha. we could do with a little more sex in our lives. I like that all these are pretty different. Would you say that these five things also help to construct a good mental state as well as a physical one for you? Yes. I think that lemons make me personally awesome, ha ha! No I would say that these things do help me to form a strong mental strength and vigour as well as a healthy self-image, yes.

I like that! What is a normal morning for you? Cuddles with my cat, drinking my freshly squeezed lemon juice, coffee and then gym. So kinda boring I guess, ha ha!

Not at all, next time bring your cat with you for a shoot, that would be so cute! He would love that! Are you ever nervous on set? Are you nervous now? Of course, I mean I tend to be nervous before a set but once I’m on I soon relax, especially like today when everyone’s so relaxed and friendly. Sometimes I do things to relax myself, like tickle my butthole…

Oh my god that’s hilarious! Ha ha, I’m just kidding! But no, what I mean is I try to talk to the cast and crew so we all feel more comfortable around one another. I think that always produces a better, happier result.

What’s one thing you cannot live without? The people that surround me in my life – they help me keep sane which is pretty important in such public industries.

That is so sweet! What’s one thing you can live without? Confrontation.

We all could! This shoot we’re doing with you right now reminds me of the new Zoolander 2 movie that came out last year. If you could have a signature pose, what would you call it? Well, blue steel is already taken so I would have to go with cosmic fire.

Just be yourself, because being different is beautiful

Ha ha, it sounds so sexy! What compiles your idea of a datable guy? For me, the sexiest thing a man to have is confidence and trust; so a guy who can accept me for who I am and know that when I come home that I am all his. That maybe a little too mushy but who cares? Ha ha!

No, it’s so perfect! So let’s talk about your career and where it is right now – do you have a five-year plan? In terms of porn, perhaps becoming more involved, particularly behind the scenes and I guess, owning a coordinating company.

What about in life? Travel, experience and learning. That’s living in my mind.

As a model you’re slowly opening doors and branching out, starting to attract some serious attention. Is there someone in the modelling or fashion world that inspires you? Honestly there isn’t one person I follow as an inspiration but I think I’m most appreciative of the directors and crew being able to maintain a happy work environment whilst keeping me happy and laughing and still making me and others look sexy, ha ha!


Ah, that’s really nice to see a model appreciate the other people he works with. What would you say your music interests are? Oh I’m pretty diverse, so anything from old school garage to Disney songs! It’s all about my mood at the time.

Do you have a shower song? Right now it’s All About She’s Higher.

Tell me a little about yourself, what was school like for you? Ha ha, well that’s a rollercoaster. We all know what childhood is like, we mostly all experience all the extreme of the spectrum, and in time it prepares you for your adulthood. Of course some experience more than others. It’s no secret I was a ghetto baby and my best friend was a clown. Was he real or not, I’ll never know, ha ha.

That is my favourite answer so far! What are two things fans wouldn’t know about you? My real name and my address.

Ha ha, fair enough. What is your bed attire? I sleep nude where acceptable!

When is it not acceptable? Ask my lawyer.

Oh my god, ha! What scares you? Getting old, I’m crass enough already.

Lastly, what advice would you give to your thirteen-year-old self? Don’t be afraid to be yourself – people seem to like him. Also cut your hair, you look like a hippie!


This has been one of my favourite interviews I’ve done in a long time! Your fans are gonna love this! Before we finish, is there anything you would like to say to them? Pretty much, just a huge thank you for the support as it means a lot to me and probably the same advice; just be yourself, because being different is beautiful.

Gabriel, thank you so much for shooting with us today – I just know these images will be incredible! You’re so relaxed on camera. Thank you and thank you so much for having me!

[[[Words and photography by Mickey Taylor at BlakeMason Studios for VanityHype magazine]]]

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