New Music: Ray Noir – ‘All Alone’ feat. Mariann Rosa


If you’re the kind of person who likes spending their weekend dancing away in the London club scene, you may already recognise Ray Noir who grew up in Norway, travelled, and then settled down in London. He has become quite well-known in the DJ circles and for his fashion – in fact, he’s pretty hard to miss with all that ink! His music is daring and out-there, with a gothic, gritty twist. “I wanna do music that is catchy but with an edge,” says Ray. “As an artist I’m here to entertain people and give them a show.”

His new single, All Alone, features Mariann Rosa of Surferosa fame and who was also a judge on the Norwegian version of Pop Idol. The video, which is directed by Kassandra Powell, began with a Kickstarter campaign. Having raised what he needed, he had the names of all contributers tattooed onto his body. Wowzers! The video also includes lots of characters known from the London scene such as; Bambi Blue, Dragqueen Virgin Extravaganza and Lewis G Burton, as well as the Austrian Internet sensation and rapper Candy Ken.

The dark pop hymn takes inspiration from the likes of Depeche Mode, The Sisters of Mercy and Peaches, and is all about a break-up and the anger that follows…

[Photo credit: Simon Martner]

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