Cover Boy: Jordi Whitworth

Issue 51 | January 2017


Since making it to the Final of the X Factor with boy band, Overload, back in 2014 and having Cheryl call him a ‘Stud Muffin’, you’d be right in thinking that Jordi’s dreams were coming true. Now three years later with that blonde hair still looking as cute as ever and a growing amount of ink on his skin, we caught up with him to talk about his solo career…

You’d be mistaken to think that Jordi doesn’t look any different from when he appeared on the X Factor three years ago with boy band, Overload. As he steps into the London studio it is apparent that he’s grown up in that short space of time – still blonde with his cute boy next door looks, but tattoos have appeared and facial hair is noticeable, giving him a rougher edge, ready for the next chapter in his career as a solo artist.

“I think having tattoos in this day and age isn’t uncommon,” he says as we ask about pop stars showing their individuality through ink. “And I think it definitely shows a different approach to the clean-cut side.”

His black and grey tattoo collection is growing, with more hidden on his back that are revealed as soon as he takes his top off for the photo shoot. There is an obvious degree of thought and meaning that goes into each tattoo with just how well they are etched into his skin. “The lower back tattoo is a portrait of me and my brother through the eyes of goggles doing motocross racing, as this was something we did week in and week out at a high level all around the country.”

Read the rest for free here or buy it in print!

Words by AJ, photography by Thomas-James Fisher & make-up by Sammie Ewen

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