We Caught Up With Mickey Taylor Ahead of the Album Release

Mickey Taylor Crop

It’s only a matter of days until the album, Midnight Palace, is out. Are you excited to hear what the fans think? I think overall I’m just excited to share this with everyone. It’s been a year writing this album. This time last year is when I started it, so really for me I just can’t wait to share with the fans what I’ve been doing. This album is the most honest work I’ve ever done and I hope that portrays.

When we last spoke to you it wasn’t complete. Is the record how you wanted it to be or were there changes along the way? I have had a few changes, yes. Some out of my power and some because I wanted to. There are two songs I wish could have made the album but due to no fault of my own I couldn’t add them. There are also two songs that were finished which I felt weren’t as good as the other tracks on the record and I also felt they didn’t get the message across that I wanted, so they were scrapped.

This album is the most honest work I’ve ever done

You said you rushed the first album’s release. Did you give yourself enough time to be 100% happy? Absolutely. I finished this album in November. I finished my first album with just twenty days left before its release. Corners were cut. Vocals weren’t perfect. This time I took the whole year to take it slow and enjoy each moment of the process.

Can you tell us if there are any collaborations? I can. There are a few actually. ØMC features twice. Aleks Rey, although didn’t collab with me vocally he did however produce several songs. O’Mahon is another feature and so is PrettiBoiRoq, a young rap artist from the US. I worked with many producers on this album too; DJ Scandal, SD93. O’Mahon and ØMC also produced for me.

What do you feel they bring to your music? A different sound. I feel like the last album browses on gay pop – which is amazing and a genre I love or I would never have done it, ha ha, but I wanted to branch out a little this time. Not so much mainstream but connect with new audiences as well as my old. Working with several producers I feel has helped me to do that.

Can we expect another single to be released from the album? You can! I plan to release In The Night, and also release a music video for Promise in which I have over forty cameos of famous models from all medias in the queer world!

Wow, sounds exciting! Does the album have a theme or overall story, or is it a collective mix of ideas brought together? It’s almost a love letter because each song represents different emotions of love – that first time you see someone, that fight that just seems to keep happening, a break up, an engagement. It’s all the emotions I have gone through in love in the past two years and how I ascended from the pain and turned it into strength.

So now the album is ready, can we expect some live dates to follow? Of course. I am currently booking tour dates in the UK with more on the way! I can’t wait to get there and connect with the fans and perform for them.

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