Inside Issue 50: Rebecca Ferguson

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So it’s been six years since the X Factor and this is your fourth album… Yeah it has, it’s been up and down. I think all of my twenties was really figuring out who I was, dating idiots and releasing music, it’s all been up and down.

Does it ever feel like only yesterday you were singing in front of the judges? It feels like a long time ago now and I feel like a totally different person. I was 23 when I started out and I was shy. I’ve grown up a bit and kind of figured out what life’s about more. Not completely, I haven’t got it all together but I’m a bit more comfortable in my own skin and on stage. I’m not as frightened and I’m more chilled.

I think all of my twenties was really figuring out who I was, dating idiots and releasing music

You’ve stated that your latest album, Superwoman, is your most ‘honest’ and ’emotional’ one to date. Has it been a sort of therapy for you in a way? It has yeah, it helped me get through a really bad time and the separation from the father of my youngest. A lot of the album is about being rejected by somebody but rebuilding from it and building yourself back up again, getting through it and not allowing it to break you.

Was music a good outlet for that? It’s good that I’ve had music to get me through it. I did worry about how women get through it. I was looking for support and couldn’t really find any and so I wanted to highlight the issue so people [could] talk about the problem of having kids and the partner abandoning them. I want it to be a subject that people think about. There are so many children that are abandoned by fathers and mothers and it’s brushed under the carpet as a family issue, and that isn’t right. I went out of my way with this album to speak about it in a subtle and positive way, but in a way that people can get a bit of strength from listening to it.

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