Outcome – LGBT Portraits By Tom Dingley

Having began collecting photographs back in 2014, Tom Dingley is showcasing as many portraits as possible at an exhibition at the University of Greenwich (which he is an alumni) as well as releasing a 168 page book (Arachne Press) of the #Outcome project.

The launch ties in with National Coming Out Day on the 11th October which is very fitting if you didn’t know already! The project was created to try and breakdown stereotypes of LGBT people, and to show that there is not one way to be gay, transgender, bisexual, queer, etc. and to help those who feel lost, alone and who might be struggling to come to terms with their sexuality/identity, and that it does get better and you can be successful – just look at these folk!


“It has been such a privilege to meet so many wonderful people over the course of this project,” said Tom. “It’s very humbling to see it all come together in a book and exhibition for all to enjoy.”

The photographs themselves include a wide variety of people from the known (Bake Off’s John Waite, Emmerdale’s Alicya Eyo, Elly Barnes MBE, amongst many more) to the unknown, with each person showing their everyday attributes from their work life to hobbies and interests whilst holding a childhood picture. The exhibition will include as many of the 112 portraits as possible, with the chance to have your picture taken too! Tom will have a pop-up studio on Tuesday 11th October and Thursday 13th October, and any LGBT person is welcome to be photographed for the project. Also, there will be a public Q&A panel with Tom on Wednesday 12th between 1-2pm – amongst many more things happening, so keep an eye out.

“We are so proud that Tom is an alumnus and fully support his work,” said Sarah Cretch, Head of Alumni & Development at the university. “Tom and the whole Outcome project are a great inspiration for all our students and staff.”

Check out the #Outcome exhibition at the Heritage Gallery, University of Greenwich from Monday 10th October – Friday 15th October. The book will be available to buy from 10th October priced at £25.

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