Reviewed: Theo & Hugo

Theo & Hugo (18) ****
[Peccadillo Pictures]

Filmed in real-time around the streets of Paris during the night, long time collaborators Olivier Ducastel and Jaques Martineau, have created a bold, daring, risky and almost romantic drama starring newcomers Geoffrey Couet and Francois Nambot, who perform Theo and Hugo as likeable characters despite the whole film taking place over one night. Trust and the implications of revealing too much or not enough is shown through their nervousness and desires.

With an opening scene at a dark and dingy sex club that lasts longer than ten minutes which you could possibly describe as pornographic – Theo & Hugo is more than just about sex. As their bodies embrace each other they forget about the other men in the room and instead feel the electric thrill wrap around them as they’re full of desire and lust for one another – falling in love and letting their guards down during a time of uncertainty.

Even though the plot may seem a little slow at times as we follow their every move, and especially after an explosive (excuse the pun) beginning, it gives you that sense of a long night as if you’re there too. It has a realistic feel to it, which is refreshing because usually films starting in a sex club can turn out to be cheesy. This one, however, is a beautifully filmed drama full of youthful doubt, love, promise and dreams with sex thrown in.

Without giving any spoilers away, the film itself seems to have a moral to it, whether that is on purpose or not, and deals with a subject many gay/bi men may face. Again, as I said before, the approach is a lot more realistic without glossing anything over, adding to the realness of it. It made me anxious and nervous too, a sign I was deeply involved with the film.

Theo & Hugo is in London and selected cinemas from 9th September. It’s a must-see!

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