Playlist: Mickey Taylor – Sirens In Chicago


Mickey Taylor has released the single, Sirens In Chicago, which is taken from his upcoming album, Midnight Palace, due out in January 2017, the follow-up from Puppets Lament released earlier this year.

“It’s essentially a love letter or a thank you to my boyfriend,” Mickey said about Sirens In Chicago. “Working in the adult industry that I do means at times I have two personalities – the hard-working passionate but also eccentric and loud personality that is “Mickey”, who sometimes has to disappear for weeks on end, wears insane outfits and at times I find hard to switch off from. And then there is me who loves my boyfriend very much and is all those things but at a more natural level, social level. And it can be tough to separate work and personal life with my boyfriend and not have “Mickey” come between us.

“This song is about me thanking my boyfriend and saying I recognise there is two of us at times and appreciate his love for both personalities, and me wanting to know I will always be there for him and thinking of him even when we are a part. The music video reflects this too as we see two versions of myself – played by Cal Marbot and Auz Roy – in bed and being loved by my boyfriend who is played by myself.”

It’s essentially a love letter or a thank you to my boyfriend

The track itself steers away from being a big pop ballad and reveals the sound progression within Mickey’s music that contain lyrics from the heart. The song only builds on the anticipation for his album release.

“I really wanted a more mature sound on this album. This last one was very gay pop which I loved but vocally this album shows of what I can do more with my writing and vocals, and it means so much more to me. This is much more mature and slightly more mainstream and I can’t wait to show everyone what else I’ve been working on with this album. This is just an introductory taste – it’s been over a year of writing and I’ve loved every moment.”

Go and grab it from iTunes!

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