Pin-Up: Seth

Seth – Milan, Italy. Singer/model/actor/superhero

You’re looking ultra summery in the photos! What do you love most about this season? The freedom, the fun… And let’s face it, it is the sexiest season!

Speaking of sexy – you take your clothes off a lot on Instagram…. Isn’t the warm weather just a great excuse for you to do that?! Nah, to be honest I also have shots where I’m standing half-naked in the snow. I totally love, love snowy weather! I’m a snowboarder.

Seth Storm VanityHype issue 49

Sounds interesting! Well, we totally think you should do a nude shoot next time. Agree? Haha! Well, maybe we could arrange something…

You do lots of modelling work, but what would be the perfect idea for a photo shoot? That’s a really hard question! I’d totally love a kick-ass fashion shoot with some really innovative clothes and accessories. This world really needs some shaking…And after all, I can’t always be naked!

I’d like to do a fashion shoot, after all, I can’t always be naked!

Read the full interview in issue 49
Copyright VanityHype 2016
Words by AJ | Photography by Minu in Wonderland

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