Katy B Talks To VanityHype!

She’s just released an album with a plethora of fantastic collaborations and performed her biggest headline London show to date, so we had a natter!

You’ve not long released your album, Honey, which reached number 22 in the Official Charts. It might not have been a number 1, but were you happy with the outcome?
Yeah definitely, I mean, for me that week unfortunately Prince passed away and Beyoncé released an album so competition was pretty fierce. It was kind of an interesting project that I wanted to do and have some fun with so I didn’t put too much pressure on myself.

It features a lot of collaborations. Was it exciting working with a bunch of other artists? It was amazing – a lot of different people I’ve always wanted to work with. It was really fun and I love collaborating and being part of a team.

Gay clubbing is such a massive part of my life. They were the first clubs I went to and still go to regularly and I’m still part of that community

Is there anyone else you’d like to collaborate with on your next album? My dream collaboration would be Alicia Keys. I love her new song and her whole vibe is amazing.

We heard the title of your album is a sort of reminder that you still love to gig at underground clubs, and that’s what you’re about. Could you expand on that?
I guess it’s the culture that I’m from and what I’ve grown up with. I love raving and dancing and I love club music in general. I find the music progressive and rich in history. I find it very fulfilling being a part of that.

You performed at Birmingham Pride the other month. Especially after the Orlando shootings, do you feel that Pride events are still just as important as they once were? Definitely as important, it’s such a pleasure to be able to perform. I always get booked for Prides. Two of my best friends are gay and I’ve seen their struggle coming out and just life in general. Also gay clubbing is such a massive part of my life. They were the first clubs I went to and still go to regularly and I’m still part of that community. I feel part of the community and I’m so happy to be part of that.

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Words copyright VanityHype 2016/Mark Ryan

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