Learning To Embrace Your Differences

Photography by Blair Devereaux

Photography by Blair Devereaux

Embracing our differences can be difficult, but once we do it, it can make us feel like we can take on the world. And anyway, wouldn’t life be boring if we were all the same? 21-year-old Oscar from Atlanta, Georgia, features in a fashion editorial for issue 48 of VanityHype magazine. Here he tells us how having vitiligo has helped with his career.

Why did you start modelling? The reason why I began modelling was to make a difference in the modelling industry. I wanted to create a platform of inspiration and motivation that would positively lead to the change of how someone perceives a “flaw”. Being diagnosed with vitiligo at the late age of 14 was a bit rough. I let a lot of people label, define, and judge me for what I was blessed with. It took its toll on me and I let it take me away from achieving my dreams. But eventually I learned that someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality and that you live the society you create. So from there I just decided to no longer be affected by how or what people viewed or said about me in pursuing my career as a model. As an aspiring model my only desire is for my work to empower others to be able to achieve their dreams regardless of what society labels as a “flaw”. That’s my “why” behind modelling!

So basically we should all embrace our differences? Yes! I truly believe that the true essence of being confident comes from embracing the way we look and our differences. Your confidence is the foundation that will lead you to a much greater purpose. People aren’t born to be the same or to be “normal”, we all offer unique blessings that should be embraced and shown unto the world. It will ultimately liberate others in doing the same!

Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality

How can we overcome obstacles we can’t change about ourselves? Be willing to grow, to love yourself and to adapt.
Be willing to grow. Our challenges in life aren’t meant to define us but to make us the greater being we were all meant to be.
Be willing to love yourself. Too often we try to change things we simply can’t change. Sometimes we try to change so that people can like us or to get a sense of validation. Well, somethings aren’t meant for us to change and the only way we can come to peace with it is by loving yourself. Be yourself and love who you are regardless of the obstacle; in doing so it will attract you to the much greater things life.
Be willing to adapt. Even though we may not be able to change something about ourselves, we must always be willing to adapt to the new learnings of our own. Society’s agenda does not have to be our own. Our adaptation to challenges in life is what will help us prevail in true success.
I know that was a long answer, ha ha, but to conclude – greatness lies ahead for those who can overcome such challenges, and many more will come but they’ll always be able to be overcome only if you are willing to grow, adapt, and love yourself.

Photography Credits:
Photographer: Blair Devereaux
Model: Oscar Heredia
Make-up: Jessica Ammons
Fashion Editor: Jumar Edward
Lighting Assistant: William Bostick

Words copyright VanityHype/AJ 2016

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