Pride in London – #NoFilter

We are diggin’ the campaign theme for this year’s Pride in London. It’s pretty simple really – #nofilter. The team is encouraging people to live as themselves and not hide who they are.

Alison Camps, Director of Marketing at Pride in London said: “Standing together, supporting each other to be fully ourselves, to live freely and openly, we can build a world with #nofilter. Our shared courage creates freedom. It’s time to show the world how Londoners live with #nofilter and give others the strength to do the same.”

Be who you are! #nofilter #pride #londonlgbtpride #lesbian #gay #bisexual #transgender #freedom #equality

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With the rise of social media and being able to discuss and understand LGBTQ+ issues via the internet, this campaign for Pride makes a lot of sense.

“You’ve heard of life imitating art right? Well this is art imitating hashtags,” said Ross Neil, Executive Creative Director at WCRS. “#nofilter is all about bringing the popular tag to life, Pride this year is all about living life without any filters. This is something we’re massively excited about; taking something existing and appropriating it for London’s biggest free event. My enthusiasm for this project has #nofilter.”

Feel free to use the hashtag #nofilter with a photo to show the world the varied, wonderful and diverse world of the LGBTQ+ community.

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