Interview: B*Witched

Having grown up listening to B*Witched, and attempting to copy their double denim (who didn’t!?) whilst singing their songs with the help of lyric cards free with Smash Hits! magazine, it’s a pleasure to be able to grab a chat with Lindsay!

You were the youngest-ever all-girl group to have a straight number 1 record with your debut single, C’est La Vie. What was the experience like when getting a number 1 at such a young age? And also without the help of today’s tools such as social media? It was an absolute dream come true to go straight to number one with our first single, and then to be in the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest girl group to achieve this was just super cool! The industry was very different back then. You’re right, we didn’t have social media as a tool , which meant that the only way to connect with the public and our fans was through TV shows, magazines, and live shows. It meant we worked really hard and long hours! Back then you had to sell around 100,000 singles to get to the number one spot, whereas now you can get to number one on 30,000.
People don’t buy music as much anymore! It makes me really thankful that we were a part of the pop scene in the 90s. We were part of a good time in the music industry, there was a lot of money in record companies. Also I think in some ways social media takes away the mystery of a band or artist. It’s so accessible now, you don’t have to wait until Top of the Pops on a Friday evening to see your favourite band perform, you can go on YouTube or Twitter anytime and see what they are doing/saying. In other ways it’s great because it means that artists who don’t get signed by a major company have a chance to get their music out there and that’s really important.

Lindsay second to left

Lindsay second to left

Very true! So you’ve recently released a double disc record featuring your best-loved tracks, remixes – plus two new ones. What made you decide to do that now? We were approached by a record company and it felt like the right time to put something out there. We released an EP a year and a half ago of new material and now the collection seemed like a great idea – all our songs in one package. A nostalgia fest!

“In other ways [social media] is great because it means that artists who don’t get signed by a major company have a chance to get their music out there and that’s really important”

It certainly is! You always kept that Irish-influence in your songs. Was this important to you? Yes it was, it was our sound and what set us apart from other girl bands. It was a completely natural thing, I don’t remember deciding that – that would be our sound, it just happened!

B*Witched back in the day!

B*Witched back in the day!

To read the full interview, grab issue 47 out 3rd April 2016!

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