Review: Weleda’s Citrus Kit

Having been a fan of Weleda for a couple of years now, the products never fail to leave my skin wonderfully smooth and comfortable. If you have sensitive skin and you’re looking for natural ingredients rather than the man-made harsh chemicals found in most products, then Weleda should be your go-to for shaving creams, moisturisers, toners, body and face washes, etc.

They do have a dedicated men’s range too, but don’t feel you can’t use any of the other products. Yes, they are targeted at women, but you’ll see some fantastic benefits to your skin from using products such as Skin Food, energizing citrus body washes and fabulous hand creams – perfect for extra dry skin.

The Citrus Travel Kit (£16.50) comes in a cute bag that’s handy to help carry all these products with you wherever you might be heading. Also, once you’ve finished the products, it’s reusable and can be your perfect little travel bag.

Weleda boxed collection vanityhype
Weleda skin food close up vanityhype

Let’s start with the 3 boxed items. First up is skin Food – this one being a handy-sized pocket version, perfect on-the-go. I have talked about this one before on many occasions, so it looks like I’m going to repeat myself! This cream, which I have used many, many times,  is fantastic on dry skin and can be used anywhere on the body. It’s that good, it’s kept the same formulation since it was created back in 1926! It’s a thick cream made with organic sunflower seed oil, extracts of wild pansy, chamomile, calendula and revitalising rosemary extract – so a little goes a long way. Let it soak in, and you’re ready to go!

Weleda oil vanityhype

The Citrus Refreshing Body Oil has been a saviour on dry, itchy skin (sorry for the TMI!). All you need is a small amount after a bath or shower which you rub into the skin, letting the refreshing scent of citrus awaken you.. It really does smell lovely, and is created from carefully selected plant oils derived from sun-ripened seeds and fruits. The only thing I wasn’t fond of is the fact that it includes alcohol which I feel can sting. But otherwise, it’s wonderful at moisturising your skin!

Weleda hand cream close up vanityhype

Lastly, the Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream is an intense lotion perfect for extra dry, hard-working hands, so that’s ideal for this time of the year. It’s a thick cream, so like the Skin Food, a little really does go a long way! With sea buckthorn, sesame oils, unsaturated fatty acids and lots of vitamins, this amazing hand cream helps to sooth, restore and protect hands. Oh, and it isn’t greasy either! Big thumbs up.

Weleda body wash lotion vanityhype

The two tubes in the bag include the Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Lotion, and the Citrus Creamy Body Wash. The body wash seriously feels creamy. It doesn’t include SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate – a chemical used to create foam) but still works on your skin like magic. I would suggest using this in the morning, as the citrus really wakes you up for the rest of the day.

The lotion worked a treat too, and it felt wonderful on the skin straight after a shower (or bath) and it has a nice scent to it as well. I feel like this worked throughout the day, and really soothed my skin. This one is particularly great for dry skin as it includes vitamin-rich oil from organic sea buckthorn, mallow extract and shea butter. It also activates its self-regulating functions keeping your skin moisturised all day. What a treat this is!

Weleda face cloths vanityhype

You also get two Muslin Cloths to use on your face. A lot of people like to use these when cleansing, and having two in the bag means you can wash one whilst you use the other! I can’t really say too much about these other than I feel like they will last for a while because they’re good quality. It’s also a nice touch to add to the kit.

All these products (except the cloths) are travel-sized, and can be bought in regular-size too! We featured these products in issue 46, but above is a more detailed review!

Weleda inside issue 46

Weleda inside issue 46

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