Vlogger: Jade the Libra

“I think it’s especially difficult when we live in a world that wants to put labels on everything”

The beauty bloggers have taken over YouTube and the beauty industry itself, with honest reviews, how-tos and new product finds. With many now able to live off their passion, the digital generation have embraced a new way of communicating with like-minded individuals.

Jade the Libra is no different! The 29-year-old Kansas City-based vlogger talks make-up, skin care and fashion on her YouTube account which has 93,000+ subscribers and counting, and her most popular video reaching just over 208,000 views. We caught up with this beauty to find out why she got into it…

So why did you start vlogging?
I don’t know why this is such a hard question for me to answer. I think because it’s a combination of so many things that were completely separate in my life that were brought together by vlogging. I’ve always been the type who needs a creative outlet of some sort, and I’ve been working in the beauty and fashion industry for some time. I never got the creative outlet I was looking for when I was doing hair and make-up in a salon and/or working on shoots. I loved what I did, but I felt like something was missing. Vlogging was the platform I was looking for to tie everything I was passionate about into one.

You have over 93,000 subscribers. Did you ever think that you’d get to a point where you’d be creating vlogs that people would love enough to keep coming back to? I didn’t really know what to expect going into this. There’s no real protocol as far as growth, it’s unique to every creator, and I totally dig that! My subscribers – which I would prefer to call my friends – are literally the coolest people on earth. The tips, encouragement, creativity and stories they share could write a book that would be ever-inspiring! I honestly get bummed out that I can’t personally hang out with each person, but I feel like I try to keep my channel and comments section open to where it can be the next best thing!

There are so many beauty vloggers out there, but you come across different with your edgy style and fun personality. Do you feel it is essential as a vlogger to be individual?
Well yes, I mean, I feel it is essential for everyone – vlogger or not – to be an individual. I think being an individual is one of the most significant things someone can do for themselves and others. I think it’s easy to get consumed by what’s “different” or “basic” and I think it’s especially difficult when we live in a world that wants to put labels on everything. It’s an impossible task to fit into an exact label or be a carbon copy of someone else while being personally satisfied at the same time. Individuality and self-expression come in all shapes and sizes – it’s okay if people don’t get you at first. I’m sure the girls who first started doing makeup on YouTube got backlash because they were doing something different. In time, being an individual will only pay off in more ways one would ever dream of, including the most important pay off of all — loving oneself!

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Words copyright VanityHype magazine

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