VanityHype Pin-Up: Nicola Grosswiler

So how’s Berlin looking today? If you mean weather-wise, then I have to say pretty cold I guess, but actually, I don’t really know since I’m in Athens, Greece, at the moment. I’m doing some work here and spending time with my boyfriend, and enjoying the time before the big New Year’s rush that lies ahead of me. But I can tell you the weather here in Athens is amazing! It’s almost 20 degrees. I really need sun in my life! It’s pure happiness to feel the sun on my skin.

The weather sounds lovely! We had quite a mild December over here in the UK! Have you seen any snow yet? My winter has been more like March so far, so no snow. A good friend of mine went up to the mountains with her family to ski after Christmas but they couldn’t because of the lack of snow. So they went ice skating instead [and] she is a fantastic ice skater. I have heard though that it’s gonna snow soon in Switzerland, so I’m looking forward to a winter paradise!

Inside issue 46

Inside issue 46

Are you the type of person to still have snow fights and to build a snowman? Ha ha, you know where I’m from! So I grew up [playing] snow fights and building snowmen, but to be honest, I’m really the “hairdresser type” when it comes to snow fights – “Don’t wet my hair”, ha ha! But it’s not that I’m a sissy, because if you do ruin my hair, you better run away fast before I get you!
And to get back to the question, I sure do love doing things in the snow, but if you would see my last snowman you would cry of laughter because I’m terrible at building them. But still, even a really horrible snowman loves you!

I grew up [playing] snow fights and building snowmen, but to be honest, I’m really the “hairdresser type” when it comes to snow fights – “Don’t wet my hair”, ha ha!

Aaw, bet it was cute! So you’re not originally from Berlin are you? So where do you think my farm boy image comes from? Ha ha, and nope. I’m not Italian or Polish and all the other nationalities that everyone always thinks. I come from an amazing, beautiful, small and sometimes quite conservative Switzerland.

Check out Nicola Grosswiler here!

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Words copyright VanityHype magazine|Images by Mark Lister for VanityHype

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