Issue 46 Out Now!

Grab issue 46 now via the iOS app, or in print!

Issue 46 preview vanityhype

Hey, hey! And welcome to the new look magazine. If you don’t know what VanityHype is, well let us explain. We’re a unisex lifestyle magazine that features fashion, music, tattoos, hot men, opinions and so much more. We rebel against the norm, and do our own thing. If this sounds like you, take a look!

Our March/April issue sees us chat with cover guy, Jake Graf. You’ll feel inspired after reading the 10-page editorial! Huey Morgan from Fun Lovin’ Criminals talks about their album 20 years on, and Eliza and the Bear tell us how exciting being on Radio 1 was.

We continue our digital theme with vlogger, Jade the Libra, and blogger, Nik Hampshire – two people you need to check out.

There’s plenty of fashion, opinions, hot men and more to keep you entertained!

Grab it on the Apple Newsstand here via our app, or in print here (with the option of a PDF digital download).

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