Digital Gen: Davey Wavey

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VanityHype davey wavey youtube vlogger

YouTube has become a place where we can show off our own talent, get our voices heard, give out advice to those who need it and explain our opinions. It only seems right then that we talk to some of those who are paving the way in this new digital generation of YouTubers, bloggers, and social media addicts. First up is YouTuber Davey Wavey

When did you start doing your YouTube videos? Do you still remember your first one? I filmed my first YouTube video 8 years ago. In a lot of ways, it was a lifetime ago… YouTube was just getting started and I had no idea what I was doing – though, I’m still figuring things out. That part hasn’t changed!

What made you want to start YouTube videos? I started my YouTube videos as an online diary. I thought it would be fun to capture stories and experiences, and then reflect back on them down the road. It was never my intention for other people to tune in and follow my life. But they did tune in, and I changed my content accordingly. I try to cover topics that are interesting, but that also contain some sort of message.

You have a keen eye for making videos that are very informative, but making them very funny and humorous at the same time. Sometimes they are seen as being a little controversial – would you say that’s your intention? Most of my videos have a good message at their core, but no one wants to be preached at. Watching my videos shouldn’t feel like going to church. So I try to package the message in a fun or creative way, so that people actually want to consume it. For example, doing a video about vagina shaming isn’t the lightest topic to watch on YouTube. To tackle the subject, I invited women who hadn’t seen their vaginas to do it on camera for the first time. Sure, it’s controversial – but we never evolve if we stay within our comfort zone. I like making people uncomfortable. That’s when we’re growing.

You have a huge LGBT following and regularly inspire people within the community with your words. Is there anything else you want to do in the future within the community? It’s amazing that my videos have had an impact, and it gives me a sense of purpose. But, at the end of the day, I’m not curing cancer, I’m making YouTube videos. And moving forward, I’m much more interested in sharing underrepresented voices and using my platform to share their stories. As a cisgender white gay dude, I think I’ve already used up a disproportionate amount of air time. I’m more interested in the stories that haven’t been told.

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