Bloom Twins Talk Tour, Duran Duran & Music!

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Image: Richard Shaw

Image: Richard Shaw

Ukraine-born twins, Sonia and Anna Kuprienko, escaped their homeland during conflict to build a better life full of music, fashion and love right here in the UK. We caught up with one of the Bloom Twins before their arena tour across the country supporting Duran Duran…

You’re about to head on tour with Duran Duran. How excited are you about being on the road supporting one of the best groups from the 80s? We are really honoured and overwhelmed. We still can’t believe that it’s happening. It doesn’t feel real yet.

You’re actually working with Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes who is producing tracks on your debut album. Has it been fun to work with him? We’ll not lie if we say we got emotionally attached to him! The whole writing process is very effortless and fun and the set up is unique. There are no lights – nothing for you to see your instrument. We also don’t do breaks which is probably our recipe for good songs from now on.

We finally feel free to be who we are and always were. We create without fear of being judged

Seeing as he’s worked in the music industry for a long time, has he been able to give you pointers? Absolutely, and new songs to listen to. We have discovered some amazing music through him.

It was only last year that you moved to the UK from a small town outside of Kiev, Ukraine. Have you used any of your experiences of growing up in Ukraine in your music? We first came to London about three years ago, but after getting stuck in Ukraine during the conflict, we finally managed to escape to our new home and settle here. Ukraine made us who we are. We are courageous and with a sense of humour – without it you can not survive in Ukraine.

Do you feel that now you’re in London you can finally make music and do what you want to do? Yes. We finally feel free to be who we are and always were. We create without fear of being judged.

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