Theo Ford & Shawn De Rodez Continued…

from issue 45 out now!

Image: Mark Lister

Image: Mark Lister

If you have grabbed issue 45 to read, then you’ll know that we couldn’t fit the whole interview with Theo Ford and Shawn De Rodez in the magazine. Here it is continued:

Shawn is there anyone you’d like Theo do a scene with?
Shawn: No, no one in particular actually. Nothing comes to mind.
Theo: It’s funny because people actually sometimes ask me in interviews about who would I love to work with and it’s not so much about a co-star, it’s more about a director because like any movie in the mainstream, it’s not always just the chemistry with the actors, it’s how the director and the producer create the chemistry and how they capture it. So for me, it’s working with those people who can really capture something with an amazing eye. Chi Chi LaRuee, whom I know from L.A., and I know we have similarities and our creativity and the way we see the world. I love Mr. Palm – amazing, crazy, totally crazy. Also, Jake Jackson from CockyBoys, his production [is] always extremely high quality. So I think those people would be definitely the ones I would like to work with in the future.
I love Alter Sin in Spain, for In my eyes, they’ve done the best work for me. It’s great because when I’m on set, I’m at home, I feel safe and it’s very important to feel safe and not feel pressurized, especially when you’re a young model. When you’re just around porn, you need to make sure you are able to say no. I know a lot of people who can’t… I’ve only experienced where I was pressurized to do things that I didn’t want to do or I wasn’t feeling comfortable doing. So it’s very important to have the respect. It goes both ways. They respect my opinion if I don’t wanna do something. They will tell me as well when they want me to do something and it is a partnership. It’s not one direct the other. We work together and it’s very important to be happy at the end of the day with what you’ve done and it’s the most horrible feeling when you feel like you’ve been used or even abused on set and I’ve had that in the past. It can definitely create some kind of trauma for young models, and that’s why I think I waited for so long to start porn. I started when I was 25. I was a bit more stubborn and more sure of myself at that point, but when you’re 18 or 19 and you’re starting in the industry, it’s very complicated to stand up for people who have been in the industry, maybe for ten, twenty or thirty years, and say, no, I don’t want to do that. So, it’s definitely that relationship that you need to focus on when you’re on set.

That’s a good advice for the future porn actors.
Theo: Being able to say no, no matter the amount of money they offer you is the best advise I can give.

Theo, it’s a different kind of shoot today for you rather than your recent porn shoots, how did you find that change?
Theo: It’s great for me to actually do both porn on one side and more like fashion photography as well, because it does show off different
aspects. You have maybe a bit more personality, maybe more like a subtle way of bringing out your individuality. When you do porn, you have to focus on the sexual energy that you have to transmit and project on to the viewer. I’m very used to actually shooting non-porn. It’s always the focus on who I am from porn, so there’s always an aspect of being a bit more sensual or even sexual without going over the line.
I like to have different eyes – different photographs in a certain way that will show this different side of myself. I hate to see the same pictures over and over again. I know photographers who have been doing the same pictures for twenty years and you know, they might look great but it’s like, if you were a singer and you sang the same song over and over and over again, it lacks originality, it gets boring.
I get a lot of photographers asking me to photo shoots and sometimes I’m like, “No, this is not interesting”. I’m always open to whatever project but it has to have individuality and a sort of personality in the work, otherwise there’s no point, I would rather stay in bed with my husband and the puppy, than doing something that I’m not proud of and I’m not going to be committed to a hundred percent because it’s going to stay on the internet, it’s going to stay everywhere forever, so I might as well actually enjoy it. [Also] being proud of it and then promote it as well ‘cause it’s not just during that day but afterwards. You’re going to be linked to that for many, many months and years. So you have to make sure that, if you do it, you understand why you do it and you’re just proud of it. You have to be proud of everything you do when it comes to your image. If people think, “My God, did you do that? Hideous!”, “Yes, I did”, “No, no, no. that wasn’t me. It was someone who looked like me. ” or it was like, “Oh, I was too drunk to understand what I was doing”. You have to own up to everything that you do, so it’s very important to choose your projects carefully and also just to make sure that you’re completely confident and comfortable doing it.

I worked for many years for a leather designer in Paris and I think I had that vogue about loving leather when I was a kid, when I was designing little outfits for my Barbie’s – Theo Ford

Quick fire question round. So we’re taking turns. Okay, Shawn first then Theo. So what was the last song you listened to on your iPod?
Shawn: It was Sam Smith’s Lay me down. That’s one of my favourite songs.
Theo: I love Years & Years. They’re British. I love British music. I love RnB, but I also like House music, they definitely bring the two together. Their whole album is incredible. I think I love Shine but I love the whole album, it’s really, really amazing.

Favorite food? So if you could have one meal left. What will it be?
Shawn: Steak and fries [laughing]
Theo: From L’Entrecôte?
Shawn: From L’Entrecôte.

Will it be the same for you, Theo?
Theo: It is my favourite place, but the one food itself, I think I always eat when I go to a restaurant, I look for it, is duck, any kind of duck. Confit or orange or Chinese duck or deep-fried, whatever it is. Duck is definitely my go-to-dish and I love cooking duck.

What three things can’t you leave the house without?
Shawn: Hairspray. I always got bottled hairspray in my bag. My Chapstick, because I hate my lips being chapped, and even though it’s not sunny in London, I love to take my sunglasses everywhere I go [laughter].
Theo: My phone, I think without my phone, I will be completely be lost. It’s work. Everything happens on my phone. It’s my connection to the outside world. So that’s the number one. Number two, it’s my watch, my Cartier watch, which I bought when I was 23. And I think the last thing is definitely the leather jacket. I have a huge collection, a lot of jackets. No matter what I wear, I would probably have a leather jacket. It could be like a bomber bumper jacket or a biker jacket or a trench coat. I love the feel and the look of a nice piece of leather. It’s not a big fetish in itself as you would imagine, but it’s just fashion-wise leather is pretty incredible. I worked for many years for a leather designer in Paris and I think I had that vogue about loving leather when I was a kid, when I was designing little outfits for my Barbie’s. Then when I was 21, I had to work for this designer who did leather, who used to do the same kind of outfits for women but with coloured leather, just like what I did when I was a kid and it was just an obvious direction. I’ve always loved anything to do with leather.

Favorite TV show?
Shawn: I love Glee, I’ve loved Glee for a really long time. That was my favourite show.
Theo: My favourite show, for many reasons because I love comedy, was Will and Grace and also because being a young teenager, back in Ireland, I never felt like being gay was anything to be ashamed of, but seeing how happy and successful they could be in that show, being gay and how okay it was. It was brought along with jokes and with a certain lightness to the writing or whatever happened to them. So, I really did project myself on the fact that being gay was probably more fun than being straight. It was probably more enjoyable. There was probably more adventures to be had. My thinking definitely had a huge impact on me accepting my sexuality without ever questioning it. It was just something that was obvious. I love shows like that, it can actually have an emotional impact on you. That definitely did.

Last movie you saw?
Shawn: We both saw Specter 007. It was actually my first Bond movie! I’ve never actually seen the Bond movies and he’s seen all 28 of them.
Theo: It’s 24
Shawn: Okay, 24, see.
Theo: Being in England, obviously, and James Bond is huge… In America, you have superheroes. I think he’s a British superhero, he’s an icon of style of just British class. I’ve always loved the movies and how sometimes crazy they could be. My favourite one was actually Dr. No, and I went to that farm where he ran over the crocodiles in Jamaica and saw the actual one ‘cause they live a very long life. People have grown with James Bond, you can identify, and the same time it is an everlasting hero. Time didn’t have an effect on him. I think if you watch X-men in fifty years, you might think it’s extremely dated but if you watch a movie from like a James Bond from the 70s, you’re like, Oh, my God. This is actually, like the cars are still amazing. The women look great. The guys are super slick. It is still relevant in many ways. So, I think it’s very, very strong. I wanted to share that with Shawn. I wanted him to experience a part of another movie culture in this country worthwhile because it’s one of the biggest franchises ever. I don’t think there’s any movies that have so many, not sequels, but so many chapters. It is a major, major franchise.
Shawn: It was fun, though I had a catnap in between. It was really nice.
Theo: It was a very long one and we went to a midnight screening.
Shawn: Midnight screening and I was a little tired and probably a little tipsy, so I was like, “Oh, nothing awful, but here we go, cars.” Okay.

So you think you’d be happy with a Bondathlon?
Shawn: He actually wants to do that. He wants to watch all the Bond movies at home. I think it would be very interesting.
Theo: There was a couple that weren’t properly in the franchise but most of them are pretty incredible. I love Sean Connery. I think he was the number one James Bond. To this day, if he could come back, he would still look amazing as James Bond.

One more question each, Shawn, the most famous person you have worked for?
Shawn: I worked for this great, amazing colourist, James Papua Nicholas, famous all around the world; Dubai, New York and L.A. and I got the privilege of being in Courtney Kardashian’s house, doing her hair a few times with my boss, George, at that time. I’ve met her. I also helped Andy Lecompte’s, a humongous stylist, amazing work, who works for Madonna. I actually coloured a wig for Madonna that she used for one of her shoots.

Theo, what’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened on set?
Theo: Embarrassing… I don’t know about embarrassing. I injured my penis once! A very regular position but because of the angle they wanted us to do it, I sort of twisted it a bit and it was very difficult to finish the scene and I struggled. It was very, very hard to finish it.

Words copyright VanityHype magazine

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