Reviewed: Duran Duran, Seal & Bloom Twins

At Nottingham's Capital FM Arena, 11th December 2015

Image: Richard Shaw

Image: Richard Shaw

It was great to see fresh talent like the Bloom Twins opening the night for two 80’s icons. Yes, the room hadn’t completely filled up by the time they had begun, but it was an early start due to Seal being a special guest rather than a regular support. The twins still made their presence known when they boomed their drums and heavy bass to grab the attention of the audience. Their dark, dramatic music and powerful vocals pulled you in with every note. It was difficult not to be entranced by their electronic sound and the moody feeling that came off it. They looked fantastic too (y’know, being models and all, they could pull off wearing plastic bags!) and they rocked out on that stage enthusiastically, obviously enjoying every single minute up there.

The set was short, but well worth getting there early for. If you missed these (like the lady next to me had), you’ve certainly missed out! I can only assume they collected numerous amounts of new fans, not only tonight, but on the whole tour!

By the time Seal stepped foot on that stage, the crowd was ready for some old school hits. People were out of their seats and dancing as soon as he began with Crazy, and I strangely felt a wave of emotion watching everybody having such a good time. The buzz of that had certainly wiped off on me, and I had begun tapping my feet and getting sucked in whilst watching the live performance of such a well-known artist.

Image: Drebin

Image: Drebin

After the initial up-beat rhythms, it quieted down for a bit, giving people the chance to sit down and take in his wonderful voice. Other tracks included Padded Cell, Every Time I’m With You, Love’s Devine and Kiss From A Rose. He ended the night with Life On The Dance Floor and certainly proved that he’s still got it in his 50’s…. Ey, what’s age got to do with it anyway!?

Even though Duran Duran formed in the 80’s, I wouldn’t say they’ve been on a hiatus and regrouped now for tours and brand new songs – they’ve basically been together for more than 30 years! The last time I saw these was back in 2011 and the arena was full of mums, a few daughters with mums, and the odd husband. This time around it was a massive mixture of the mums, the mums and dads, the hipsters, the kids, – everyone! Have I missed something? When did everyone start loving Duran Duran?

duran duran lores

They kicked their set off with Paper Gods, also the title of their new album, which went down a treat with fans. The atmosphere was electric as soon as the song had begun, and it never seemed to end either. Sometimes during live shows you get the odd track which causes a bit of a slump with the crowd, but the energy stayed leaving the fans wanting more and more. Did they get what they wanted? Hell yes!

They performed oldies such as Wild Boys, Hungry Like The Wolf, A View To A Kill, Come Undone, Love Voodoo, Notorious, Too Much Information, Girls On Film, Ordinary World and I Don’t Want Your Love. New tracks such as Pressure Off, Last Night In the City, Danceophobia, What Are the Chances? and Only In Dreams were played also, giving a brilliant balance of old and new songs which seamlessly fit together, entertaining both new and old fans alike.

“You kept us afloat when we thought we were gonna sink,” said vocalist, Simon Le Bon, as he thanked fans for sticking with them for so long, but was interrupted by the supportive fans, who then cheered more as they went into (Reach Up For the) Sunrise.

No band can be a headliner without having an encore. No dress change… Yes, Le Bon was still in his ultra-tight, white, figure hugging skinny jeans! Thoughts turned to those in Paris who lost their lives last month, with attention on the Eagles of Death Metal’s cover version of Duran Duran’s Save A Prayer. All money raised will go towards something helpful they said, but they’re not sure what yet! Phone lights swayed and emotions were high as Save A Prayer filled the room. One word: beautiful.

They ended on Rio, and if anyone was like me, I could have easily watched more! One last thing to add, the vocal support from singers Anna Ross and Jessie Wagner was phenomenal. Those girls can sing!

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