Tried & Tested: Oil For Your Beard!

Bluebeards Revenge Beard Care Oils

With Movember on its way, and beards being on-trend this cold season, you’ll no doubt want to get as much moisture into your facial hair as you possibly can. All too many times you see a guy with an ultra-dry wedge of fluff stuck to his face. Well, no more! Let VanityHype introduce you to our latest find…

The Bluebeards Revenge is a brand that is fast becoming well-known across the UK for top quality products at affordable prices. Once you’ve tried them, you might not go back to what you used to use.

Bluebeards Revenge Beard Classic Blend

The Classic Blend Oil (50ml, £9.99) is a miracle for all those with untamed beards! Just a couple of drops of this unique blend to coat your hands and smooth onto your beard from root to tip and the skin underneath is all that you need to do. It will transform your dry facial hair into a moisturised, protected, groomed beard. You can easily forget that you still have skin underneath that needs looking after, so this is a fantastic way to keep it healthy!

Not only does this work a treat (even after just one use!), it also smells gorgeous. Its manly fragrance is a bonus and will wow anyone you allow to get close to it… 😉

Bluebeards Revenge Beard Care

Bluebeards Revenge Beard Cuban Blend

The Cuban Blend Oil (50ml, £9.99) has a less powerful scent, and uses a unique fusion of oils and fragrances inspired by aromas of the Caribbean – ooooooh! Just like the above, it tames and protects the hair and skin for the ultimate in beard perfection.

The verdict: Both of these oils worked a treat, and the difference after a day was noticeable. The scent of the Classic Blend was my favourite, but that’s just because I’m a sucker for that manly fragrance! It made me feel clean and refreshed, and my facial fuzz was finally doing what it was told! Just a couple of drops is all it takes, so one bottle will last a while.

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