HomeTown’s Cian Talks Music & Louis Walsh

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Hometown talk to VanityHype

Having beat Ed Sheeran and One Direction to the number 1 spot in Ireland, it’s now time for the guys in Hometown to bring their music over here. Cian (third from right) tells us all about them…

You’re releasing your first UK single, Where I Belong, in September. In Ireland you beat One Direction and Ed Sheeran to the number 1 spot. That must have felt pretty good? Yeah it did. When it went to number 1 in Ireland we were over the moon. We really didn’t know what to expect being a brand new band just releasing a single, and we were just delighted when it did [get to number 1]. It would be a dream come true for it to do as well but even if it just does well we’d be happy with that.

Was it surreal seeing yourself up there alongside all those famous names who obviously before this, you had been looking up to? Yeah it was. We got the official listing and to see it up there alongside artists that I’ve listened to for years and supported and bought their singles and stuff… to think that enough people went out there to knock them off the top spot was something I still can’t really get my head around.

The Kodaline penned track is a stunner. How are you hoping it’ll do in the UK? Is there any pressure on you due to it doing so well in Ireland? I don’t think the pressure comes from how well it did in Ireland but more from us wanting to do our best, you know? We need to do well – we’re a signed act and we want to just make sure we can get this single as high in the charts as possible. Hopefully then we will be able to release another one and move on to an album so it’s just about building some momentum now in the next couple of weeks and hopefully it will go well.

We want to become our own identities like, ‘We’re HomeTown and Louis Walsh is our manager’, not ‘Louis Walsh is our manager’ and that’s kind of it

You’ve been touring up and down the country with McBusted and The Vamps. How have their fans taken to you? Yeah it’s been really good. We only got two shows with McBusted but we do have another one coming up in a couple of weeks, and all the shows with The Vamps were unbelievable. The lads themselves were so nice to us, they took us in and gave us some advice and we hung out and played football with them and stuff like that. The fans that they have are amazing – they accepted us and got so into it at all the shows. We played two original songs, one of which they had never heard before, and they were all just really getting into it. Some of the shows we did there were some of the best we’ve done as a band so we won’t forget them for a long time.

Louis Walsh manages you. What’s that like? Is he almost like a second father? It’s a weird one because he’s so famous and especially in Ireland, we’ve all just been tagged as ‘Louis Walsh’s Boyband’. It’s kind of a thing that, not that we want to get away from it, but we want to become our own identities like, ‘We’re HomeTown and Louis Walsh is our manager’, not ‘Louis Walsh is our manager’ and that’s kind of it. We’ve achieved that in Ireland but now we’re doing it again in the UK and building the fan base as big as we can. Louis has a lot of contacts and he’s getting us some great opportunities and we just work really hard for him because he makes sure he keeps us on our toes all the time.

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