5 Minutes With Bars & Melody

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Rapper Leondre (Bars) and singer Charlie (Melody) came third in series 8 of Britain’s Got Talent in 2014. Simon Cowell pressed the newly introduced Golden Buzzer and they automatically went into the semi-finals. With a debut album out now (which is currently at number 4 in the Official Albums Chart) and a tour, we caught up with 14-year-old Leondre.

You’ve been so busy since your time on BGT. It must have been a shock to get your debut single, Hopeful, at number 5 in the Official Singles Chart. What did your friends and family think when that happened? My friends and family were in shock at our chart position! They are proud, and I’m just thankful to my mum for always being there for me.

Why did you decide to appear on BGT in the first place? One day me and Charlie where sat in the living room jamming, and the advert for [the] BGT auditions came on. We thought, what is there to lose from giving it a try? So it was crazy how it happened.

Simon Cowell gave you the Golden Buzzer! Can you describe how you felt when that happened? It felt amazing! Adrenaline and all the practice and time I put into my performance – it made me feel all the emotions at once. I wasn’t really thinking straight, I was shocked!

My family are proud, and I’m just thankful to my mum for always being there for me

Since then you’ve performed sell-out shows and appeared on Ellen. How was that experience to be on TV in America? The Ellen show was mad and it was such a great experience – thanks to Ellen for having us! She was so lovely and supportive!

You spent 2 weeks in Australia as ambassadors for the Princess Diana Anti-Bullying Trust. How was that? Going to Australia was a milestone for me and Charlie as we feel we are taking our [anti-bullying] message personally worldwide, and it was great to have been given that opportunity – plus the weather was amazing!

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