3 Rescue Products You NEED!


You may know Sudocrem as being used for nappy rash, but this little pot of gold which was invented in 1931 in Dublin, is also great for acne and spots (as well as eczema, sunburn…etc). You could sort of call this a ‘miracle’ cream if you like. Go and surf the blogs who rave about this little, cheap gem (oh, and apparently it once even featured on TOWIE) and pick up tips on how to use it. We prefer the good ‘ole fashioned way of dabbing a bit and rubbing it in. Yes, it’s white and a little messy, but it does the trick! Probably best used at night…

weleda skin food

As fans of Weleda anyway, we’ve already fallen in love with their natural product range. Our favourite has to be the Skin Food though, as it really is a multi-purpose product. We’ve heard it being used as a lip balm, a facial (and body) moisturiser, eczema cream, an intense moisturiser for the feet and really dry skin, an after sun… It’s also a firm favourite with celebs and Weleda are always at London Fashion Week. You can grab pocket-sized tubes too, perfect on the go!


Micellar Water has to be one of the best inventions! Why? It’s great to pop in your bag if you know you’re not going to be home tonight (wink, wink). It’s good at removing all make-up – and it’s super quick! You can use it to freshen up during the day…. And if you’re late up for work, you can use this quickly! All you need is a pad, wet it thoroughly and use on your face. There is no need to rinse, and some don’t even require you to moisturise (but it’s nice to, right?).

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