Tattoos After Dark’s Chris Saint!


Chris Saint ventured onto UK TV screens when the U.S reality show, Tattoos After Dark, hit our screens on E4 near the end of last year. He’s pretty much the first guy to bring piercing to the mainstream, meaning lots of fans want to travel to him just to get pierced. We caught-up to discuss being recognised in public, rejecting piercings and the Playboy Mansion…

So last time we spoke to you, Tattoos After Dark hadn’t been shown in the UK. Now it has, what kind of reaction have you had from UK viewers? I was not expecting it. The first day it aired over there it was the number one trending topic in the country and I didn’t even know it was airing. I got an email from my mum saying ‘Hey, I’m going to watch the show tonight on TV’ and my first assumption was that she was old and confused. I just thought ‘Oh she saw something for it, this isn’t real’, but then I went and checked and saw it was on E4 that night and nobody told us at all that it was going to happen!

So it was a shock? Yeah, I was like ‘Quick, get all your shit together, get on all your social things, go tell people to watch it’. Because of the time difference I think I found out at 10 or 11 in the morning, so I had time to get stuff together and get people to watch it. I live streamed the first episode and did all this stuff to get people involved and I was watching the trending topics go up and it was like, 6, 4, 3, and I was like ‘No way, this would be a dream come true’ and then it just went to number 1. I remember the Liverpool game was on too and I thought ‘No way was this going to get more views than the Liverpool game!’.

I got an email from my mum saying ‘Hey, I’m going to watch the show tonight on TV’ and my first assumption was that she was old and confused

That must be quite unusual then? Surely when a new show is going to be aired for the first time, somewhere the producers or production team would be talking to you and getting you to do some kind of promotion leading into it? Yeah, I would have assumed they would have told us, but nope. Nobody told us so I just had to quickly make the most of it and after that I was finding the E4 previews and – E4 and Channel 4 have just been amazing, really receptive and easy to work with. They’ve actually talked to us on social media back and forth and it’s been really easy to work with them, it’s awesome.

Piercers don’t usually get that much attention on tattoo shows. Do you feel that they might do now, seeing as it’s been so successful on Tattoos After Dark? Yeah it would be sensible. I don’t think there has been a body piercer on one of these shows [before]. The reaction from the public when they’ve seen that is just insane, like people actually want to watch it – well I don’t know if they want to watch – they don’t want to look at the horribleness that’s going on in front of them, but they get drawn in by it. It’s that car crash culture of ‘This is gross, but I can’t stop watching’. I can see it happening more now, I just got really lucky that I was the first one and I just blindly walked into it, which is awesome.

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Words copyright VanityHype 2015

Words: Jasper Rook Williams
Photography & styling: Ivan Avila
Make-up: Carly Ryan
Hair: Sylvia J. Stankowski

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