Things All British 90s Kids Remember…

And if you don't, where were you?!

It seems that most of our readership are 90s kids, and that includes us too! It was the decade that platforms were worn by the likes of Ginger Spice, we used to get up early to watch TV on a Saturday morning and the boy band a1 were on every girl (and boy’s) bedroom wall. I guess looking back it wasn’t as cool as the 80s or as hippy and out-there as the 70s, but the 90s will always be another ten years of bad fashion, tacky pop groups and cool (or so we thought) toys that everybody wanted.

We are already 15 years on from 1999, but what better way to feel nostalgic than by looking back on some of the things all, or at least most, of us 90s kids had, did, watched, listened to and collected. Now, in no particular order… (Just a head’s up, this is a looooong post of nostalgia!)


You could get them in tubes, in Doritos packets, etc. I can never remember actually playing with Pogs the correct way, but there was something fun about collecting them. In fact, I couldn’t even explain to you now what the reason was behind them.

Spice Girls

I was quite young when the Spice Girls burst out onto the scene, but with that came crazy fashion trends and collectible items such as dolls, photos, and stationary. I remember collecting and swapping the photos you could buy in the school playground. Oh, those were the days!

Pokemon Cards

pokemon cards
Now, I’m talking the original Pokemon cards, not the new ones with 384547484854 different Pokemon who I can’t name. It was so fun to collect and swap before they became banned at school like everything else! Who remembers going to the cinema to see Pokemon and getting a free card? Win.

Slap Bracelets

slap bracelet
These made a come-back in the summer of 2014, but should just basically stay in the 90s. They were dangerous then and dangerous now!


These were the best – they were cheap, easy to use and died within a few days (boo!). I actually got through a few of these as you could pick them up cheaply from places like the local market or a department store.

Live & Kicking

Live and kicking
The reason all teenagers and kids actually got up early on a Saturday morning. Now with dedicated TV channels and the internet, Saturday morning entertainment programmes aren’t needed anymore, but they literally used to be the best thing ever!

Nintendo 64

Maybe it’s not as powerful as today’s computer console, but the N64 was the bees knees! Playing Zelda: Ocarina of Time was one of my highlights growing up.


Did you own one of these? I used to be obsessed with recording my own voice to tapes and creating crazy things. However, I dropped it one day, it broke, and that was that. There was also a Talkgirl version, but really, separating voice recorders by gender wasn’t really needed!

Light-up Yo Yo

These got banned so quickly at school but they were amazing! Who remembers walk the dog?

Tattoo Choker

tattoo choker
Another thing that made its way back in fashion during summer ’14. I wasn’t a huge fan of them in the 90s, so why would I like them now? They are so uncomfortable and cheap looking.

Jelly Shoes

jelly shoes
Speaking of fashion come-backs, I had a pair of these when I was 7. Never, ever would I wear a pair whilst any older yet you can buy these from any high street store for twenty-somethings. *Shudder*

Smash Hits magazine

smash hits
I was an avid monthly buyer of this magazine and enjoyed ripping out the collectible lyric cards inside so I could sing to the likes of Billy Piper, Lolly and Britney Spears.

Light-up Trainers

Air Max 90
You were the coolest kid in junior school if you had these! They flashed when you walked and were just all-round awesome. It looks like these have made a come-back too…

Plastic Lunch Box

lunch box
It was pretty normal to have a plastic lunch box with you at school, whether you carried it by the handle or in your bag. I miss mine!


I had completely forgotten about these until I came across them during my research. They must have contained so much sugar and been so bad for you, but I remember them being so tasty and you had to sort of twist the top off to open. Very flexible bottles too!

So I could go on, but for your sake this is the whole list. There are plenty more things though: alien pods, Furby, Beanie Babies, Power Rangers, Kenan & Kel, Portable CD player, Friends, pop bands, the internet dial-up tone, etc!

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