Reviewed: BalletBoyz – The TALENT

At Nottingham's Playhouse May 2015

Image by Elliott Franks

Image by Elliott Franks

For one night only, BalletBoyz performed at Nottingham’s Playhouse showcasing the talent of the young performers. As somebody who has missed out on several previous tours, it was a fantastic chance to finally be able to catch a BalletBoyz: The TALENT date.

The first performance, The Murmuring, began with a documentary video showcasing behind the scenes of the idea for the dance. Seeing as the men had to find inspiration from a flock of flying birds, it was very noticeable throughout where the inspiration had come from. They’d taken the fact that birds will follow each other; if one changes direction, they will follow one by one. It was beautiful to see the dancers flow, and it was fascinating to watch a sort of fight happen between them. It reminded me of territory issues that animals have.

The second performance, Mesmerics, again began with a documentary to explain about the dance you were about to see. This one had no story, and was all about sitting back, relaxing and taking in the talent. The boys were mesmerizing and skilled in their movements. I was in awe watching the muscles flex and the testosterone ooze from the stage.

As one of the BalletBoyz stated, usually it’s the man showing off the pretty woman during ballet, but with this, it’s all about dancing equally. I think it really shows in a BalletBoyz performance, too. It’s also great to see how unconventional they are with piercings and tattoos. In the modern world of ballet, just like Matthew Bourne, they are a breath of fresh air.

There may have been no backdrop or props for either performances but it wasn’t needed. The lighting was brilliant, conveying emotion and feeling along with the music by Raime and Philip Glass.

The tour is still ongoing, so check here for dates in your area.

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