The Sex Issue – Mickey Taylor & Sam Reynolds

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Issue 40 Mickey and Sam intro shadow
It was only a matter of time before the sizzling hot rising British porn star Mickey Taylor and the gorgeous Sam Reynolds would shoot together (no pun intended!), and we thought, ‘Ey, why not?!’ We worked together with the talented London-based [Hawt]Photo to get the sexiest photo shoot we have ever featured in the magazine. You can thank us later!

So it’s our annual sex issue – well done for making the cover! Did you guys enjoy working together?
Mickey: No, I hate Sam so much! Ha ha, no, I really loved working with him, we’ve spoken for a long time about each other’s work, so it was nice to actually meet and finally collaborate. Even better that it was the sex issue of VanityHype!
Sam: To be honest, I was really nervous at first because I’ve been wanting to work with Mickey for so long now. So when we finally met and got down to it, it took some time to ease into it… But then when you’re both standing there naked, you get over it quickly!

When you’re both standing there naked, you get over being nervous quickly! – Sam

So I’m guessing you guys are definitely going to work together again? There’s a lot of chemistry going on in the photos!
Sam: Yes, definitely! Not sure what for but hopefully after the magazine comes out, the offers will come flooding in. It was so much fun to create some good shots and hopefully there will be more oppurtunities to make more magic.
Mickey: I think Sam was lovely – really enjoyed hanging out after the shoot too. I would love to work with Sam again, I really enjoyed shooting with him. I have invited him to be my date to the [Prowler] Porn Awards in March, which I think will be a great night!

Is sex important to you in a relationship? Issue 40 VanityHype hires
Sam: Yes, sex is totally important in a relationship. I can say this seeing as I’ve been in a sexless one. It’s shit, especially if you’re the one wanting to have sex and your partner isn’t wanting it. It didn’t force me but it can easily lead to being unfaithful.
Mickey: Sex is important to me. Sex is an expression, and emotion. It’s confidence but above all it’s sharing part of yourself with someone. Sex for me is an expression and a way of allowing someone a certain amount of control over me, and vice versa. But it’s also allowing people to see and explore the most important and intimate parts of myself. To allow someone or anyone to see that I think it’s important – it’s a really empowering thing.


The interview gets hotter… Want to read the rest? Grab issue 40!

Words copyright VanityHype 2015
Words by AJ & photography by [HAWT]photo

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