Catch it on Sunday, BBC3 at 10pm

Zombie culture has gripped the nation thanks to the hit AMC TV show, The Walking Dead, and its original comic book format, however, the TV series really brought it to popularity across the globe. It was a completely different take on the zombie genre – calling them Walkers, strong character development, the human race going to shit and people becoming more scared of each other than the zombies that grow in number each day. After the vampire phenomenon thanks to Twilight died down, the zombie fans came in full force – and it’s certainly not for the faint hearted! Forget the tacky zombies of the 80’s, these are more realistic in appearance.

So thanks to such TV shows we all love watching scaredy cats being chased and hunted by rotting, dead, bloody corpses. We like fearing with them and wondering, will they survive this time? How will they make the journey to grab supplies? How are they going to work together out of necessity, not because they like each other? How can something so fictional seem so real?


Because of these said thoughts, I Survived A Zombie Apocalypse was born on BBC3. What a game show! In short, ten contestants have to fight for survival in a deserted shopping centre. It could have been created really badly, and looked really awful – but it actually isn’t!

The first episode (without spoiling anything) sees the contestants enter the shopping centre bit by bit and having to avoid the zombies. One touch and they die. There are times when I genuinely felt scared for them, screaming at my TV for them to hurry up! That’s what I wanted out of this TV show when I heard it was in its planning stages. The zombies look great, and so far nobody is really, really annoying yet (well…. maybe they are!)

Because only episode 1 has aired, I do feel it was an introducing the people episode. I would like it be more zombie-chase-heavy, but realistically (because they need a break too from filming!), we see a lot more from the contestants in a sort of Big Brother style. Obviously it’ll be great to see them clashing personalities, but I hope it doesn’t focus too much on that. I want to see zombie survival, not who hates who!

Catch it on BBC3 Sundays at 10pm. A sneak preview of episode 2 is below!

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