Issue 39 Pin-Up: Wally

See the full interview and photo set inside issue 39 (print/iOS/Android)!

Wally vanityhype issue 39 pinup

“All of my tattoos are so meaningful to me showing a memory of my past.

“My favourite is the one on my right thigh – it is about the love between my parents which I’ve always appreciated since I was a kid. They are so in love and they look so cute together.

“It [Where’s Wally] was my favourite book growing up. It brings me great memories of my childhood.

“I do have somebody to spend Valentine’s Day with, although I don’t care so much about that day. We should treat our special one with love every day!

“Intelligence and charm attracts me to somebody…”

Want to read the rest? Grab issue 39!

Words copyright VanityHype 2015
Wally Couto Photographed by David Parra
Make-up by Eley Gonzalez
Swimwear by ilde swimwear

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