Jaymi & George Of Union J Chat To VanityHype

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Union J by VanityHype Watermark

It’s a freezing cold evening in early December and the security has been heightened in Morrisons, Nottingham. Loud fans are forming a large queue outside whilst a mass of singles are being purchased. The Union J Morrisons single (and album) signing tour has begun, and the boys are on their way from Leicester where they have already done a signing. A car approaches and the fans are screaming…. It looks like the lads have arrived.

Hanging out somewhere in the maze that is the back of Morrisons, Jaymi and George are dressed stylishly in black, getting ready to take our questions. “It’s nice because you get food whenever you want, ha ha!” Jaymi says talking about signing records in a supermarket. “Nah, it’s lovely. Morrisons have been a great support to us through this campaign, so we’re absolutely chuffed. It’s nice to come here, and the staff are friendly.”

It’s really humbling to know that the fans are here to support us until the bitter end – literally! – George

It’s been a good couple of years for the band which have seen them releasing top 10 hits, merchandise which included dolls and a fragrance, and having a successful headline tour. No matter how well you do in the music industry, it always still feels a little strange to be signing autographs for fans. “It’s something I think we’ll always find weird,” George laughs. “It’s not so much what they’re doing, all the fans – every time there’s something like doll signings or CD signings, it’s the effort they go through. The camping outside in the freezing cold and the waiting for hours. It’s really humbling to know that they’re here to support us until the bitter end – literally!”

Union J by VanityHype AJ signing 2

Union J by VanityHype AJ signing

The weirdness doesn’t end there though, as they are still just as excited, understandably, about the possibility of getting a number 1 record with a new single. “Whilst we’re speaking we’re number 1 on iTunes – it’s mental,” says Jaymi. “Hopefully it’ll stay put until the end of the week – people can go out to Morrisons [to buy a single]. It’ll be the most amazing thing to secure a number 1. So fingers crossed we get that.”

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Words copyright VanityHype 2015
Photography by AJ

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