Inside Issue 39: Marvin Humes

Chats to VanityHype magazine about JLS, DJing and LuvBug in issue 39

Marvin Humes (Middle)

Marvin Humes (Middle)

Having been in the successful boy band JLS for 5 years racking up numerous Top 10 singles, Marvin Humes hasn’t said goodbye to the spotlight since their split in 2013. He’s presented lots of TV shows such as ITV’s This Morning (along with his equally successful wife, Rochelle) and BBC’s The Voice, amongst other things. Now he’s bringing his passion for DJing onto records along with JKAY and The White N3rd, who all make up LuvBug. So just why should we check out this musical venture?….

Your second single ‘Revive (Say Something)’ is due out this month. It’s another track of yours that takes inspiration from the 90s and brings it into the modern day. Could you tell us more about it? Well I guess the sound of LuvBug is born from the love of dance music, something that all three of us have been big fans of from the days of house and garage, right through to the sounds of today and it’s almost like it’s gone full circle really, in terms of especially garage with artists like Shiftkey and Disclosure and a lot of remixes that are happening at the minute. They’ve all been on that garage vibe and the house stuff as well with the likes of Kaiser, Gorgon City and Disclosure, again it feels like it’s gone full circle and it’s great times for that sound and the LuvBug sound has definitely grown from that love of the music we grew up listening to.

Did you enjoy working with MNEK to co-write the track? Yeah, MNEK’s wicked! He’s a friend of ours, he’s written quite a few tracks on the album, ‘Revive’ probably being the standout one and actually the first track he wrote with us about a year ago now and yeah, he’s a great guy. I actually think he’s the best writer of house music in the UK right now. He’s written some massive tracks, he’s featured on massive tracks and he’s also written on different names as well -he’s got songs out you don’t even know he’s written. He’s a beast in the studio, so fast, when he comes we could do two or three songs in a day with him – he’s amazing.

Being in JLS was one of the greatest moments of my life – it created a fantastic life for me so I’d never diss that

He’s helped create quite a lot of number 1 hits, so are you hoping that trend will continue with you? Yeah, of course. Obviously I’ve come from a background where I’ve been fortunate enough to have had number 1 records and this LuvBug project is truthfully a passion project for me. I started DJing a long time ago, picked it up again last year towards the end of JLS [I think Marvin is forgetting it’s now 2015… It is January, we’ll let him off! – Ed] and then met up with JKAY and Mike N3rd and then we started working on records that I knew I’d be playing in the clubs. You know, of course it would be great to have a number 1 record but for me this is a longer term project where it’s something that will take a while to really embed and get to the point where people know who LuvBug are, because at the minute I don’t think anyone really knows who they are, which is great because it’s just letting the music live for itself and breathe. Eventually we’d like to think people will know us all by name and when they buy a LuvBug album know what they’re going to get.

Well you say nobody really knows who you are but your last single charted at number 13 didn’t it. That isn’t bad going for a debut single! Yeah, we peaked at number 7 on iTunes which is great.

Would you say LuvBug is more what you wanted to do, or do you like them both equally but differently? Nah, being in JLS was one of the greatest moments of my life – it created a fantastic life for me so I’ll never ever diss that. Those times were incredible and I made three incredible friends and were very successful. I lived out a lot of my dreams with JLS, but obviously you’ve got to move forward and continue with your career. I’m still a fairly young guy so I wanted to keep things fresh and do something a bit different and that’s what I’m doing now! They are totally different and I’ve experienced what a big act like JLS brings and now I’m doing something that I am passionate about in terms of making music because of my DJ’ing in clubs. When I play in the nightclubs I’m playing a lot of house music and this is the type of music that I play when I DJ, so it all fits really.


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