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He’s been on the music scene for a while and from the vast amount of applause for his honest, thought-provoking music, Luke Pickett has only one way to go, and that’s up! His music inspires and helps those who need it, which is exciting to hear from an artist who writes his own tracks and is humble at the same time.

The single ‘The Star In My Movie’ is out now. Could you tell us about where the idea for the track came from? Yeah, basically I’d been on tour for a few weeks and I was actually just travelling about on my own so I was roadie, tour manager -everything rolled into one. I’d been away from all my mates and everything for a good few weeks, and it’s basically about being out on tour, how you do get a little bit lonely, and seeking someone for comfort for the evening. I guess I’m exploring the sexual side of music as well. [I’m writing] less about relationships and more about just the one night stand which is something new for me.

Do you mainly use personal experience when writing potential new songs? Yeah I draw on mostly personal experiences but it might be something I’ve witnessed or just been a part of as well. It’s not always something about me but it’s always something I can relate to.

“Whenever I see those things I feel really humbled and proud that my music can be a source of comfort and escapism for them”

Is it easier to be creative when writing about personal feelings and subject matters? Yeah I think so yeah because, especially with lyrics, it’s a lot more exciting to explore personal feelings. It makes you more creative as well as you feel a lot more involved with the song you’re writing.

A lot of fans interpret songs into their own life, and can use music to help them deal with certain situations. Just by looking at your Facebook page, one of the recent posts is from a guy thanking you for inspiration. How does this make you feel? Yeah, I responded to that guy as well. Whenever I see those things I feel really humbled and proud that my music can be a source of comfort and escapism for them. I definitely think music can be quite therapeutic and take you away from the dramas of the world. I had a family come to a show once whose son had recently passed away in a car crash, and the song that he had in the car playing at the time was ‘Empty Corridors’. They came to the show to listen to me play that song and I spent quite a lot of time with them after; that was quite an emotional experience.

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Images by Sophie Lake at D.Copperfield (St.Albans), styling by Harry Block

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